#1SEO Surgery Polska – Semrush Webinar

The first webinar SEO Surgery Poland has gone insanely well. I want to personally thank to all the SEO specialist who presented their takes on each website. Special thanks for Anton for running everything in the background and helping us to look good. We now understand who does it mean great background, great light and top quality camera as well as microphones full preparation.

Unfortunately everything is polish language so there is no point for to describe further, however I have added speakers presentation below YouTube video.

International SEO consultant, speaker, and blogger. Throughout his career, Milosz has been consulting and devising growth tactics for small businesses and start-ups, particularly within financial services. Prior to the acquisition of Chilli Fruit Web Consulting, Milosz has been involved in growing Plus Guidance (an early-stage UK tech start-up, now acquired) and Sigma Digital Marketing Agency based in Oxfordshire.

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