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Five Ways to Build Stronger Bonds with Your Clients

Contracting can often look and feel like a temporary form of work, and that can lead many people to treat their clients as just another employer. However, what they often forget is that by seeing your clients as individuals and nurturing the relationship with them, you can increase your chances of a contract extension, as well as gain positive feedback – which builds a reputation for you and helps you to gain more new clients in the future. Here are five ways in which you can build stronger and better relationships with your clients.

Make Sure You Have a Clear Contract

The foundations of a good relationship with your client rests with the fact that you both need to be very clear on what you are there to perform and what you are not.

The scope of your work should be incredibly apparent, and there should a be firm end dates for the assignment set in place

Paul Managing Director – PWD Roofing & Construction one of the fastest growing construction company based in Oxfordshire.

Measures for gauging the success of your work should also be implemented. By making your client aware of these aspects, their understanding is boosted, alongside their confidence in both you and your abilities.

Always Communicate Clearly

Communication is key for everything in business, and that includes building firm client relationships.

Nathaniel Smithies – serial entrepreneur. The founder of Plus Guidance on-demand online therapy platform. Consultant at Scaleup consultant

You should always provide regular updates, as this will reflect on your reliability and credibility. You should also leave the communication channels open so that clients can express any concerns or thoughts as you work, instead of when the project is completed.
However, when you do communicate with them, it should not be in the manner an employee would speak to their boss. Instead, you should be talking like a professional who is not only an expert but also respects their client’s time.

Another thing to remember when it comes to communication is that you must always let your client know when you are not available to chat. This would be on occasions where you decide to take a day off, or will generally be unavailable. Ensure that you let your client know in a friendly and polite manner so that they are aware.

Be a Valuable Person

Remember that your client chose you for a reason – because they need external help searching for resources, and you have the skills and expertise to do this for them.

Your client is putting their trust in your when they hire you, and you need to make sure they know that the right choice was made by adding value to the business

Ciaran Woodcock marketing manager from – Top 100 UK Contractor Accountants firm Churchill Knight & Associates Ltd.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to complete tasks that are beyond your abilities, however. Instead, it is all about providing knowledge and resources that might be able to help your client’s business. As a result, you will appear more trustworthy and also as though you take an active interest in their business and needs.

Treat Your Clients Like People Instead of Numbers

You should always make an effort with each client.

Lukasz Zelezny – Author and Top 10 UK Marketing Influencer.

While it is true that the way in which you behave around them often depends on their personality, the nature of your relationship, and the industry that you are in, this does not mean that you can’t try to make an effort on a more personal level.
If you take the time to get to know your client with appropriate engagement, it helps to build a stronger level of trust as well as a good business relationship. Additionally, it will help you to understand how you can better meet their business needs. As a result, the client is more likely to remember you and recommend you to others just for making the extra professional and personal effort.

Remain Honest

The key to successful relationships with clients is being honest with them

Craig Campbell – SEO Consultant from Glasgow

Being realistic instead of overselling yourself means that you set your client’s expectations, and also give yourself the opportunity to exceed them. Honestly also means that you can avoid disappointment, and it will also help you to continue building their trust in your work and abilities.

To Conclude

The aim of the techniques is to help you build a better relationship and rapport with your client. Hopefully, they have given you a few useful pointers that will aid you in your continued efforts to make a better and more meaningful connection with your clients. After all, you never know what these client relationships could lead to in the future, or the kind of new clients they can result in.

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