Steven Van Vessum

Interview with Steven Van Vessum from ContentKing

How did you enter the world of SEO? Back in 2005 I was building a website for a family friend and he brought up the findability of the site in Google.  I realized, I didn’t know much about it yet so I started digging into this topic and soon thereafter …

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Interview with Anton Shulke Video Content Lead at SEMrush

How did you get in to the digital world?  Haha, long story, let’s make it short. I had a lounge bar in Valencia, SpainBut the 2008 crisis killed it, well I survive for a couple of years but had to close it down. When I was “reflexing” in Valencia, some …

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Alexz Miller

Interview with Alexz Miller from

How did you get into digital? I was a marketing major at San Diego State University and started at Kicksta right after graduation as their first Account Manager. At that point, the company was still very much a “start-up” with only 3 other employees. I knew I had a passion …

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Interview with Jo Juliana Turnbull

What events are you involved with? I run Search London (,  a networking group for those in SEO, PPC and Social Media. I took over the meetup in October 2009 from Judith Lewis and we have now had over 50 evening events with speakers from entrepreneurs, up to Google and …

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Alice Roussel

Interview with Alice Roussel from OnCrawl

How did you get into digital? What was before OnCrawl? I’ve always been interested in the digital world and how algorithms connect concepts, which is essentially what happens when a search engine has to connect a search question with the content on a URL. Before joining OnCrawl, I spent several …

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David Sayce

Interview with David Sayce SEO London Consultant

How did you start with SEO? …A long time ago in a galaxy far away…. I had a sporting goods wholesale business I had been running since 1991, It was probably around 1995 I started to look at making my own websites, and then thought about retail and eCommerce. By …

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SEO expert interview with Omi Sido – The future of SEO, Machine Learning in Digital Marketing & more

How did you become an SEO? Omi Sido: I worked as a front-end developer for about 4-5 years, and I got horribly sick of it. Not that much with codding really but with the marketers at the time who really didn’t know much about Digital Marketing. Building websites from scratch …

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Alexandra Tachalowa

Interview with Alexandra Tachalova – Digital Olympus Founder

How did you start with digital? My very first job related to digital wasn’t even nearly close to what I do now. I was working as a Salesforce reporting administrator. And since I was helping marketing department to report on their lead qualification process and delivered campaigns, I started getting …

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