Omnisend Review – A Rousing Send-Off

During the turbulent first six months of 2020, the world really has belonged to e-commerce.  With bricks and mortar stores and markets closed, the retail section has moved almost exclusively online.   Although this is great news for those running eCommerce businesses, increased traffic means a demand for more tools to …

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Serpstat Review – Pulling Rank

Google ranking – for many businesses, the only benchmark that counts – and for good reason.  With 4.54 billion people using the internet worldwide, that’s a lot of Google searches and, figures show that the number of people who search beyond page 1 falls of a cliff to a teeny …

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GetResponse Review – Marketing Automation Tool Is First Responder For Business

Email marketing is the first defense for any company and, yet, so many brands are still not making the most of it.  In 2020, writing a ‘salesy’ email and throwing it out via your business address simply doesn’t cut it.  Have no fear though, you can now get your hands …

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Dibz Review – Building Tool Has Dibs On Finding Great Links

One of the biggest conundrums for businesses in 2020 is figuring out how to get decent links for their websites. Good quality links increase traffic, raise profiles and add credibility to a site but, how do you get your sticky mitts on them?   A quick look at the world wide …

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Despite the speed at which technology advances, email is still one of the most effective ways of keeping in touch with existing customers and reaching out to new ones.  These days, business emails containing images, links and even video can be delivered directly to a large number of inboxes with …

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Myposeo Review – The New Word In Smart SEO

In 2020, achieving – and maintaining – a visible and relevant profile can feel a little like trying to nail jelly to a wall.  The sheer speed at which digital marketing moves means that many brands struggle to keep up. Like many other top tools on the market, Myposeo offers …

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Prospect io Review – Prospecting For Leads The Smart Way

Despite the shouty nature of social media, statistics show that email marketing is 40% more effective than Facebook or Twitter when it comes to gaining new customers.   Marketing outreach by email is a great way of directly reaching potential new customers in a personalised way in order to encourage engagement.  …

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Moosend Review – Good Value Is In The Mail With Moosend

For most businesses, email marketing is essential for engaging with existing customers and enticing new ones. Reaching out to customers by email or through marketing automation software has a number of benefits, including the ability to provide personalised communications.  Unfortunately, it can also be extremely tedious and time consuming.  The good news …

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Hunter Review – The Hunt For Email Addresses Is Over

Hunting for new leads can be tough – and time-consuming. Email marketing is a great way of introducing yourself and your brand to potential customers but, first, you need to know how to reach them.  In the past, most business owners and sales managers have found themselves trawling the internet …

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Skrapp io Review – Leads The Way On Growing Email Lists

You can have the best product or service in the world but, if you’re not reaching enough people – or the right ones – your business may not even make it off the ground.  Collating good quality leads is essential for any business but, getting hold of them manually is …

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FindThatLead Review – Search, Sender, Verifier

It is no surprise that FindThatLead is a SAAS (Software as a Service) that helps businesses find leads! But how effective is it, does it do what it is supposed to and, finally, is the tool good value for money? I’ve put Find That Lead to the test and have drawn several …

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Landingi Review – Inexpensive Landing Page Software

Creating an effective landing page for your marketing campaigns is essential – but it is also time-consuming and frustrating. Consequently, lots of marketers find themselves spending huge amounts of time putting together landing pages – time that could be much better spent on other pursuits. Therefore, I am always on …

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OnCrawl Review – SEO Crawler And Log Analyzer In-Depth

For any business even remotely interested in improving visibility and ranking, the dream is to get the inside scoop on Google in order to get ahead. The holy grail of the internet, getting to number one on Google – or at least close to it – is the one thing …

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Linkody Review – SEO Backlink Checker And Monitoring Tool ⚡️

Anybody with a website will tell you that a big number of links (backlinks, right?) are essential to the success of their site or search engines – no doubt about it. Essentially, backlinks are pathways from another site or online outlet which lead to your site – bringing with them …

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