Need SEO visibility in Poland? Need Senuto

I know better than anyone how hard it is to run a business. I come from a family of motivated workers, and we all have our own companies (or three) that we pour our souls into.

Keeping track of everything that helps it run smoothly can be a challenge in itself. However, it’s also necessary if you want to achieve success and really try to understand your customers. 

Keeping track of everything that helps it run smoothly can be a challenge in itself. However, it’s also necessary if you want to achieve success and really try to understand your customers. 

Over the years, I have tried out many SEO tools. Each of them have all been able to provide me with an intimate knowledge of my website, business, and the things I need to change.

The latest one on my list is Senuto, an SEO optimisation tool that states it can change the way I work for better visibility and increased traffic. Of course, I gave it a try, and this is my detailed review of Senuto. 

What is Senuto? 

You might not have heard of Senuto yet, and this is because they are a relatively new company in the SEO world. Jumping into existence in 2014, it wasn’t really until 2018 that they really started to revolutionise the way they work; for you and themselves.

They rebuilt the entire platform, even going so far as to change the way it works. 

They went from keyword research and visibility analysis solely for a domestic market, to a platform that was able to constantly change and grow. Thus making room for new developments, tools, reports, and resources.

The change of focus was a good move for them, and their list of features is one that only keeps growing. 

So, who are they and what do they do?

They are an online marketing specialist, and all about SEO analytics and optimisation. Their tool can help you to get better rankings, learn more about the keywords you are using, and provide you with smart content planning.

I’ll be exploring all of these features in more detail as we move through the review. 

Their simplicity is what makes them stand out from the crowd. They give you all the details without complex interfaces and instructions. Senuto is a simple tool, but one that can help you to grow exponentially if you use it right.

I know the next section is meant to be a rundown of what makes this tool great, but I wanted to add it here. 

What Makes Senuto Stand Out? 

This section should be considered a brief look of some of the main features offered by Senuto, with more details to come in the following sections. I’m here to tell you why Senuto is so different from all the other SEO and ranking tools out there, and you’ll be pleased with what they offer.

Of course, I’m not going to spoil it all for you, so make sure to take a look at the more detailed sections. 

The dashboard is…

so easy to access and understand, with everything clearly labelled for you to examine at your leisure. The software that comes with it, that’s pretty fantastic as well.

senuto review - dashboard
Source: app.senuto.com/keywords-explorer

The Rank Tracker works…

on a daily basis to see how you are doing compared to your competition, and also to let you know if you have risen or dropped in terms of position. 

senuto review – rank tracker dashboard
Source: app.senuto.com/projects

The Keyword Explorer is…

also a brilliant feature within this SEO toolkit, because it helps you to find the best keywords for your campaign. You can learn what you are tagging wrong, right, and everything in the middle.

Combine this with the general tools offered by Senuto, and you will be able to take full control of your campaigns. Both of these are available in 42 languages and 192 countries. 

senuto review – keyword explorer – countries
Source: app.senuto.com/keywords-explorer

For Polish customers, there is a Visibility Analysis feature that I hope will see its way to the English markets soon. This provides detailed data about Google rankings for your website, which is vital for affiliate companies that are looking to expand within the Polish market.

senuto review – visibility analysis
Source: app.senuto.com/visibility-analysis

It’s quite handy, and I am looking forward to the rest of the world potentially being able to use it. 

The enterprise solutions are what really drew me to Senuto, and I don’t want to give too much away here because it’s actually pretty exciting. It’s one thing to have the tools to help you out, but here you get the SEO experts as well.

I see this as Senuto’s USP. They might disagree with me there, but it’s what really piqued my interest. With that said, let’s get into the details. 

Rank Tracker 

The purpose of the Rank Tracker is to keep an eye on your SERP positions, as well as monitor your SEO tactics. You can then use the information you gain to alter them as needed, creating stronger and more effective campaigns. This also means you can keep an eye on your Google ranking, checking the algorithm to see if you are performing better or worse. 

senuto review – rank tracker
Source: app.senuto.com/projects

There is a total of 15 success metrics, and these are used to measure how effective your work is.

They are actually really useful to have and can give you a great deal of insight. Combined with both Google Analytics and Google Search Console Integration, you can get a detailed look at what’s happening, while also being given the chance to see it from another perspective. 

integrations with GA and GSC
Source: app.senuto.com/projects

Additionally, you can integrate Rank Tracker data with Google Data Studio to create automatic SEO reports to your boss and clients.

The advanced filter option will give you the ability to track keywords that are more specific, and to really get into the details. It also means you can better monitor search volume and SERP position.

You can also compare SERPs for specific keywords to see what they look like that day, or even in the past. You can share everything with your team as well, keeping everyone in the loop.

The competitor analysis

is something I always like to see with tools like this, because you need to know how you are doing compared to the competition. Senuto provides just that, with detailed tracking to show you what they are doing.

This allows you to learn from their successes as well as their failures so that you, in turn, can make the necessary changes. 

Keyword Explorer 

It’s an issue we all struggle with, and I still do a lot of the time. It will help you to find the keywords that work best with your website and company.

This helps you to get better rankings and, therefore, increased visibility. The keyword research aspect means that you can actually have Senuto find you the most applicable keywords to add to your site. I enjoyed this aspect because it makes things a lot easier. 

Keyword Explorer in Senuto

However, the icing on the proverbial cake was the semantic context. On top of the relevant keywords, it also provides semantically connected phrases. You might be wondering what the point of this is.

Well, let me tell you. Keywords aren’t the only thing you need to improve your ranking, phrases will ensure that you get better visibility because it works with those that are commonly searched for within your field. 

The related keywords report is a great addition to have, and the reports that come with it are simple to read through.

Using this, you can search for semantically related keywords of your choice, or even choose from a list of generated ones.

The keywords are then sorted according to their average search number, and provides you with a series of metrics for a deeper understanding. You can also customise it to show even more metrics that you are interested in. 

There is also the question report that comes as part of the Keyword Explorer.

Keyword Explorer – questions report

This can help you to find a new topic for an article, to discover what your clients are searching for on Google, and identify keywords in question format. It’s incredibly fast, and I found myself surprised by how simple the process was.

Be sure to visit another report from the Keyword Explorer, which is the one called Related Keywords. It shows you what keywords to use in a text to build a proper semantic context. That’s what we call topical authority on the level of a single article!

Keyword Explorer – Related Keywords

All I needed to do was type a keyword into the search bar and analyse the list of questions. The provided metrics are also exceptionally insightful.

General Tools

There are some extras that come with the above features, and they make life a little bit easier.

I’ve been through a couple of them already. Competitor analysis is one, and that is exceptionally good to have for research, and SERP comparison is another. The final little extra, however, is one that we don’t always think about. That includes me, and I’m sure you as well. 

Keyword cannibalisation

senuto review – keyword cannibalization
Source: app.senuto.com//tools/competition-analysis

This is so important, because each page on your website needs to rank for different keywords, and we so often forget this.

While each page will need to have multiple keywords on it, they should all be different to avoid potentially damaging your ranking. What this feature does is scan all of your pages to ensure that each of them is ranking correctly, and not cannibalising other keywords. It will give you a clear idea of what needs to be fixed, or the all-clear if you are page perfect. 

Smart Content Planning 

The actual content on your website needs to be good. By that, I mean the information needs to be useful, clearly set out, and engaging. Not to mention it needs the necessary keywords for a good raking. The Smart Content Planning aspect of Senuto is an excellent feature, and one that really does separate it from the rest. 

It provides you with a detailed content plan, all based on machine learning algorithms and big data. You get all the content ideas you need, so you can save time on research, and it will give you a high topical authority score in Google.

Senuto actually has a fantastic case study that I read through, highlighting how simple and useful the content planning aspect of their tool is. 

It shows how they collected the necessary data, planned every aspect of the article (titles, headings, and keywords), and delivered it to the client.

The SERP position of the all involved keywords are tracked by Senuto, and a data-driven internal linking plan within the website was also integrated.

This shows you where to add anchor links, general URLs, current Google position for keywords, and an estimate on how the SERP position would change. 

The effects of their case study were quite incredible, and while you can read it yourself at any time, I want to share the results with you. These figures are for one client:

  • 600 articles planned
  • 9626 keywords covered with content 
  • 986,716 estimated organic traffic 
  • 428% increase of monitored keywords in TOP10
  • 10,282 new keywords in TOP10
  • 130,000 new sessions per month 
  • -$16,000 saved on Google Ad campaigns 

Tailor-Made Reports 

What more could Senuto offer us? Well, the final feature I want to go through is the tailor-made reports. The thing I love about this is that it is completely customised to you and your individual needs. That way, you can implement it, and it will help to drive new traffic to your site. There are no general tips and tricks, just those that have been carefully constructed by machine learning algorithms to help you. Gone are the days of one on one talks, now intelligent tech is able to improve your website at the click of a button. 

Optimisation might not sound like a quick and easy task, but all of the results will arrive to you in record speeds. I was pretty impressed by the timing, and it was nice to be able to just delve right into what was going well, and how I can better my SEO for improved visibility and rankings. You can tell that your website has been carefully analysed, and all the information inside was actually very useful to read through. It’s something not every tool has, and they really should. If it wasn’t for Senuto, it’s not something I would have even thought about. 

What’s the Price Like? 

Like most good SEO tools, Senuto is not free; especially if you want to access all of the handy features that I’ve just taken you through. However, you will be pleased to know that they offer a 14-day free trial, so you can explore Senuto at your leisure and see if it’s going to be the right match for you. Right, without further ado, let’s get onto the pricing. 

Senuto pricing
Source: senuto.com/en/pricing

Plus: freelancers, start-ups, in-house marketers. 

  • 39 euro pm
  • Rank Tracker: 100 keywords, 1 user, 5 projects
  • Keyword Explorer: 1,000 keywords per report, 25 queries per day

Premium: SMB, small agencies, and small e-commerce.

  • 79 euro pm
  • Rank Tracker: 500 keywords, 5 users, 20 projects, Tools, Google Analytics & Google Search Console integration
  • Keyword Explorer: 10,000 keywords per report, 70 queries per day, Data sets

Advanced: agencies and big businesses with large SERP presence. 

  • 199 euro pm
  • Rank Tracker: 2,000 keywords, 15 users, 50 projects, Tools, Google Analytics & Google Search Console integration
  • Keyword Explorer: 100,000 keywords per report, 250 queries per day, Data sets
  • API: API access

Enterprise: custom marketing needs  

  • POA
  • Rank Tracker: Unlimited keywords, Unlimited users, Unlimited projects, Tools, Google Analytics & Google Search Console integration
  • Keyword Explorer: Unlimited keywords per report, Unlimited queries per day, Data sets
  • API: API access

It’s certainly one of the most affordable tools around, and you get great value for money. This is especially true for the custom plan as there are no limitations, whereas many others will still put a cap on the amount of tracking you can do. It really is as the website says; simple and clear with room to change as you grow. 

To Conclude 

Well, I hope that you found my guide to Senuto useful in your journey to find the best SEO tool. It’s a pretty fantastic piece of kit, and even though it has features that are very similar to its competitors (let’s be honest though, who doesn’t?) it really stands strong on its own.

The Smart Content Planning is one such aspect that I loved, and I felt like it brought something different to the table. Is it perfect? Nothing is, and Senuto is no different. Is it worth every penny spent? Absolutely.