Jasper AI Review – Preaching To The Converted

If you’ve ever suffered from writer’s block, you know how frustrating it can be. Hours can feel like days as you stare at a blank screen, desperately searching for the right words. But what if there was a way to end your struggles and generate high-quality content quickly and easily?

Jasper.ai is an artificial intelligence tool that uses natural language processing to generate the content you need – whether it’s a blog post, an article, or even a book. All you need to do is enter a few keywords and Jasper.ai will do the rest, providing you with a well-written and informative piece of content in minutes.

What, pray tell, is Jasper?

Founded by Chris Hull in 2020, Texas based Jasper AI, is ranked 17th in the world’s most visited websites and is sitting pretty within the top 100 global sites. Jasper AI is a digital marketing writing assistant which can write high quality content for you in the blink of an eye using Artificial Intelligence. It can help you with just about anything – landing pages, ads, long-form content, you name it. Sounds too good to be true? In this review, we’ll take you through the ins and outs of this super-handy AI tool. 

Who is Jasper.AI for?

Jasper AI powers over 500 million monthly visits across the globe and is used by a wide range of entrepreneurs and businesses including Hubspot, Shopify and Salesforce. 

How do I get started with Jasper.AI?

Getting started is the work of a few clickety clicks – it’s really that simple. Even better, there’s a Jasper.AI free trial available: Here’s how it’s done: 

  • Head on over to the site
  • Click onto the white ‘Sign Up’ button on the top right hand side
  • Fill in the usual details or choose to sign up with Google via the big blue button
  • Add in your company details
  • Verify your email
  • That’s it – you’re all set!

How does Jasper.AI work?

This is where it gets exciting! Jasper AI has just three simple steps to help you take your rightful place on the throne of Content King and, these are: 

Choose your skill

Jasper AI offers a number of templates which you can browse to find the one that best suits your requirements. Jasper AI’s software has been trained by professional copywriters in order to produce content which is engaging and relevant. 

Put in your product data

This bit’s all about you – or rather, all about your business. Input information about your product or service – Jasper AI gives you a generous 600 words and three keywords to play with here to let you make your offering shine. 

Generate your content

Your work here is done – Jasper AI will now generate your content for you, after which you can tweak and edit it to your heart’s content. 

How much does Jasper.AI cost?

Jasper AI has three simple price packages to choose from and, these are:

Starter Package

Starts at $29 per month.

With this budget priced package, you’ll receive:

  • 20,000 words or more
  • Up to 5 users
  • 50+ AI templates
  • Over 20 languages
  • Chat support

Boss Mode Package

Starts at $59 per month.

With this package, you get all the bells and whistles from the Starter Package, plus:

  • 50,000 words or more
  • Up to 5 users
  • Workspace documents
  • SEO mode
  • Plagiarism Checker access
  • Grammarly

Business Package

Custom plan and price.

With this VIP package, you’ll get everything you’ve see in the other two packages, plus access to 2 x faster writing and Jasper Command direction. 

All packages include a 7 day money back guarantee. 

What are Jasper AI’s features?

Jasper AI has a whole ton of handy features to help you to make the most of your content. All of them were made with marketing copy in mind. Jasper.AI can generate AI content in seconds, and write high-converting short or long-form content with limited input from you. Here’s what they are: 

Long form assistant

The star of the show, Jasper AI’s long form assistant is like having your own little copywriter inside your laptop. This feature uses AI technology to write content such as blogs, articles and social media posts for you, as well as facebook ads, including facebook ad primary text, and google ads – all with supersized SEO to boot. 

Boss Mode

Boss Mode is a one-click button that lets you control the level of AI. For instance, it makes your content stronger or smarter, depending on your needs. If you want to go all in and make your content truly conversational then say ‘Hello’ to Jasper Command which allows you to dictate your words of wisdom directly.

This clever little feature allows you to tell Jasper AI what you want to write about in your content. It will then produce a draft of the story you’ve told it.

AIDA framework (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action)

This feature offers lots of terrific templates to make sure that your content is the best that it can be and, more importantly, optimises it for those all important conversions. 


In 2021, intelligent and relevant SEO is where it’s at – and this feature makes light work of making sure that your content is fully optimised. Thanks to its Surfer SEO integration, optimisation is a breeze.

Problem Agitate Solution – PAS

It may have a fancy name but its purpose is even fancier – Jasper is here to make sure that your content follows a format of describing the customer pain point and then offers a solution. 

Product description

This really useful feature offers a helping hand when it comes to ensuring that your product descriptions are as appealing as possible. All you need to do is enter the basic information and images and, Jasper will do the rest for you.

Blog post outline

If you prefer to have an outline before your content is generated, this is the feature for you. With this tool, you can get an idea of the finished content in advance to make sure that you’re happy with the angle and direction.

Blog Post Intro Paragraph

Before going ahead and generating the entire piece, Jasper allows you to review the first paragraph of your blog post, facebook ads or article to check that it’s what you were expecting. 

Blog Post Conclusion Paragraph

If you’re in need of a great conclusion, Jasper is the name of that game, with this feature. It takes all of your key paragraphs you’ve written and combines it into a lovely concluding piece of text.

Content improver

As the name suggests, this one is in charge of tweaking the content to ensure that it’s publish-ready.

Topic ideas

As if it’s not enough that Jasper AI writes your content for you, it will even suggest some ideas and blog post topic ideas for you to help get you started – so you’ll never be stuck for blog topic ideas again with this ai copywriting tool. 

YouTube Video description

If you’re including video in your content then this helpful feature will give you a hand with your description to make sure that it gets you ranked on YouTube and other similar platforms. Jasper will also help you out with video topic ideas if you find yourself stuck for inspiration. 

Review responder

Not to be missed, Jasper quickly and easily generates reviews for your product or service to be published or integrated into your content. 

Company Bio

Whew! This is a big one. If you want to do things by the book, then this tool will give your company bio an upgrade with ease and accuracy.

Personal Bio

If you’ve ever struggled to write a bio for yourself, your writer’s block struggle is over. Jasper will do the heavy lifting for you after you input a few salient details for it to work with, writing content for your bio quickly and easily. 

Facebook Ad Headline

When it comes to putting together facebook ads, your headline is everything and, if yours tend to be a little hit and miss, this feature is right up your street. Jasper will generate a catchy and relevant headline for your advert in just seconds. This is also really handy for creating compelling email subject lines and video script hooks. 

Google Ads Headline

Jasper will do it for you in minutes flat, all without the need for Google Ads testing accounts or complicated spreadsheets.

Google Ads Description

Packed with keywords and phrases, this feature produces Google ad description that will give you the click-throughs that your business needs.

Persuasive Bullet Points

When you write your blog post, it’s all too easy to focus on the content and forget about the bullet points. Jasper helps you out with this one by giving a hand with writing bullet points that will encourage more clicks, shares and conversions.

Tone of Voice

You input Jasper with what tone of voice you’d like him to write in, and he does that. Whether it’s witty, angry, persuasive, or John Cena, he’ll do it for you.

Sentence Expander

This one comes in handy when you need to fill out a block of text with the same word multiple times. He’ll expand your sentence, randomising it for you too so that you don’t end up sounding like a robot.

Creative Story

Jasper creates an engaging story from your own content and spins it into a compelling piece of literature. You can input whatever you like in there, and the tool will do its best to write a great story.

Meta Descriptions

Wondering how to write meta descriptions for your blog posts, or maybe you’re struggling with getting the snippet preview on Google right? This feature takes care of that by creating readable and eye-catching meta descriptions in seconds.

Explain it to a Child

Jasper takes your sentence or paragraph and makes it easier to understand by writing shorter sentences or using easy words and phrases.

Google My Business

Whether it’s a what’s new, event, description, or an offer post, Jasper can do all of it for you.


Jasper can do the same for Amazon, both for product features and description paragraphs.

Perfect Headline

The perfect headline is essential and it’s probably one of the hardest things for content marketers to nail consistently. Jasper uses a machine learning algorithm to generate you awesome headlines that will increase clicks and shares with ease, every time.

Website Sub-Headline

Do you have a list post that could use another sub-headline? Jasper has you covered. Just paste in your article and let him work his magic.

Photo Post Captions

Post photos and captions so that you don’t have to. It was hard for me to imagine that anyone would want this feature, but apparently people do!

Testimonial Helper

Jasper will write testimonials for you at the push of a button.

Marketing Angles

Jasper will give you 10 relevant and interesting ideas for marketing angles to use in your content.

Personalized Cold Emails

The tool will produce personalised and friendly emails that get results every time the recipient hits reply. It can also do subject lines.

Press Release Title and Intro

It will come up with a good title and intro to your press release, which means that you can focus on writing the juicy stuff.

Unique Value Propositions

Need a unique value proposition for any of your content? Jasper.ai will help you out with this by giving you 10 relevant and engaging value propositions to choose from.

Real Estate Listing

Jasper can write up the listing descriptions for real estate properties. It does this by creating unique and compelling listings with very brief descriptions that encourage people to click through and purchase.

Pinterest Pin Title and Description

Automatically generate Pinterest pins for your products and services, so that you don’t have to.

Before-After-Bridge (BAB) Framework

The BAB is a conversion boosting, mental framework that connects and personalises the user’s before and after state.

Feature to Benefit

The FtB is a conversion boosting framework that connects features with benefits. Advertising used to be based on this formula, but it’s all gone wrong in the digital age. Jasper will help you write great copy that uses the FtB conversationally every time.

BETA Features:

Quora Answers

Input the question and how you’d like it answered, and let Jasper do its job.

Text Summarizer

Simply tell the tool what portion of text you’d like summarized, and it’ll prepare a great piece of summary.

Poll Questions & Multiple Choice Answers

If you’re struggling with writer’s block when writing your poll questions and answers, look no further than Jasper. Insert a simplified version of your questions, and let AI copywriting do its magic.

What are Jasper AI’s integrations?

Jasper AI can be easily integrated with: 

  • Surfer SEO
  • Google Word Cloud
  • Google SEO

Jasper AI – The Pros and Cons

So, now you know what Jasper AI is all about, it sounds pretty good, right? Let’s take a look: 

The Pros

  • User-friendly – Jasper AI’s interface is laid out in a sensible and straightforward format. This means that, although it’s a good idea to take some time to find your way around the tool, you really can get yourself up and running in minutes without any technical know-how.
  • Price – Jasper AI’s pricing starts at a budget-busting $29 per month, making it super-affordable for everyone. 
  • Adjustable – One of the great things about Jasper AI is that you can easily adjust the tone to your branding with its customizable features. 
  • Time saving – This tool can, quite literally, save you hours of work each week, allowing you to focus on other projects. 
  • Great customer support Jasper offers simply phenomenal customer support with quick response rate, and a well-populated Facebook group.

The Cons

  • Relevance – On occasion, the content generated may not quite be what you’re after so you may need to make the odd tweak to bring it into line. 
  • Repetition – In some instances, sentences may be repeated within the blog post content so it is necessary to proof-read the work before publishing. 
  • Restriction – Depending on the content, the tool will sometimes send an error message so you need to make sure that sensitive or prohibited words are not used. 

Are there alternatives to Jasper.AI?

Yep, there certainly are – and here are a few of them: 


Hailed as more than just a copy tool, Broca is priced between $49 and $199 per month and is a conversion and copywriting platform which helps you to build your brand through your content. 


Montenegro based Copyshark is a suite of 12 AI copywriting tools for generating blog posts, articles, adverts, product descriptions and more. Used by brands such as Webson-Gill and Influencered, Copyshark will cost you either $39 or $299 per month, depending on which package you choose. 

Grammarly Business

You’re most likely already aware of Grammarly’s grammar checker and, Grammarly Business takes this to the next level by helping you to write and publish your content as well as helping with seo optimized title tags. Prices start from $12.  


So, we’ve established that Jasper.AI is not the only game in town – but is it the best tool for copywriting? In my opinion, that’s a resounding yes. For anybody who relies on content for their business but doesn’t have the time or talent to produce it themselves (or is suffering from a touch of writer’s block), Jasper is a great tool which will save you oodles of time – not to mention saving you money on hiring copywriters. 

As I’ve mentioned, you do need to check the copy for relevance and repetition but, on the whole, the content produced is relevant and engaging as well as being stacked with SEO. If you’re looking for an effective and affordable copywriting tool, this is a great place to start. 

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