Surfer SEO Review – Easier than Cora & Pop

SEO is such an essential aspect of the web to know about, especially with internet shopping and services becoming increasingly popular.

We live in an age where the digital world often surpasses the physical one, and having a basic understanding is no longer good enough if you want to come out on top.

Michal Suski Surfer SEO Co-Founder

There’s no need to despair though, as the excellent tool Surfer SEO tool can help you to reach every corner of your website, optimising it and ensuring that it can be seen across the globe.

It’s really simple to use as well, something that this post will make clear for you. Here’s a Surfer SEO review.

What is SurferSEO?

Surfer SEO is a cloud-based tool that gives you the opportunity to analyse Google Search Engine Result Pages on a deep level, and one that is not often offered by other SEO companies.

This allows you to really fine-tune your pages so that you can have the best possible ranking, ensuring that you are using the correct and best keywords, and it will compare the key on-page factors of over 40 of the top ranked web pages within your sector. After you optimise your pages, you might want to start tracking them with Wincher.

It’s full of great features to make your life easier, something that I go through in the next section.

Surfer SEO - main panel
SurferSEO – main panel

Surfer SEO has built an excellent list of clients as it made its way into the international market; and there is the option to go through with an $1 trial before you purchase the full plan (more details on pricing can be found later on in this review).

SurferSEO - Website Optimisation by the person without SEO Experience
Website Optimisation by the person without SEO Experience

Surfer SEO Tools and Key Features

Surfer SEO has a huge number of features that are incredibly useful and innovative, which is part of what makes this tool so brilliant.

I have taken the top, and most important, features and listed them here so that you can see what makes Surfer SEO stand out from the crowd.

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#1 Surfer SEO is a cloud-based real-time data provider

It compares key on‑page factors of top 40+ ranked websites.

Through this, you are offered immediate comparisons so that you can see how you are doing, where you can improve, and the next steps to take.

#2 Data-driven content optimization

Due to this, you and your clients will always be in-synch with each other, because you will be able to keep up with real-time updates. Plus, it makes research a lot easier, and the budget estimates are effortless.

SERP Analyzer

#3 Technical insights via SERP Analyzer

This feature allows you to reveal strategic technical advantages quickly and accurately, with the tool examining high-ranking pages from across the globe so that you are able to target location rankings from anywhere. This makes the process simpler and takes a lot of the hassle out.

SERP Analyzer

The data Surfer SEO is using is based on what works best. The tool utilises the top 10 of each SERP to tell you what needs to be fixed.

Surfer SEO on-page audit
Surfer SEO onpage audit

You can also compare your page ranking directly to the top-ranking pages of your competitors:

Surfer SEO content length comparison
Body content length comparison

The audit provides full data about your page, along with common backlinks, keywords, questions to answer, as well as title tags, meta description, alt text, anchor text, and page loading speed issues. You can improve your own content, and analyse your competitors to find any low-hanging fruits.

#4 User-friendly interface

It’s incredibly easy to navigate, with a clear display that will allow you to switch between sections quickly and efficiently.

Everything is so well laid out; you won’t find yourself stressed out over where to find things because it’s been designed with you in mind. It doesn’t really take much to learn to use Surfer.

SurferSEO - body exact keywords
SurferSEO – body exact keywords

#5 Over 500 ranking factors

This is incredibly detailed information, letting you get right down to the core of your ranking issues so that you can get the best possible results from search engines.

With over 500 ranking factors available, you can rule the web effortlessly.

#6 Easy to learn

The whole system is incredibly simple, despite the fact it digs so deep into the world of SEO.

This means that you can spend less time learning and more time figuring out how to make the most of your new SEO tool.

#7 Helpful for freelancers, agencies and even copywriters

No matter your profession, Surfer SEO can help you to enhance your business, create new leads, and make sure that you rank high above your competition.

All it needs is your hard work combined with the instant power provided by this tool.

#8 Top support team – email, chat, and hangout and webinars.

The tool might be amazing, but the customer service is equally important, and this tool comes out on top again. I found the Surfer SEO team to be the most responsive compared to any other customer support.

Even if you are struggling with the smallest aspect of the tool, the team will help you through it via email, chat, or even a walkthrough using Google Hangout.

Surfer SEO also has a Facebook group where users can ask questions or discuss the various usages of the tool. The community is currently flourishing, with over 3K members. You can easily contact the support team via the group as well.

Also it’s worth discovering their specialized SEO Surfer webinars.

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Surferseo Words Analysis
SurferSEO – Words Analysis

#9 Easy Content Editor

Now, that is a beast of a gadget. This content optimization tool makes writing a SEO-friendly blog post like a walk in the park. You can provide a brief for your writer without manual analysis, looking at boring charts and notes of terms to use in the content. This also comes in handy if you need to edit content to re-optimise your posts enabling you to rank higher.

As a result, it frees the content creators to focus on writing great content and not worry about all that math that comes with it.

All you need to do is select the keywords you want to optimise for, choose the websites you want to model on (you should pick the ones that are similar to yours), define the length of your article and start writing. In other words, the Content Editor will:

  • Calculate keyword true density
  • Choose the words to use
  • Calculate the word count
  • Tell you how many headlines, images, paragraphs and bold words you need – basically the whole content structure
  • Provide you with example questions to answer when writing.

All of that with live verification if your content is appropriately optimised and any language. You can even use it in Google Docs or WordPress with a Chrome extension. If you’re a copywriter who wants to put the SEO factor in his content – it’s never been easier! Or, if you’re an agency that hires copywriters, all you need to do is share the unique link to the Content Editor and you’re golden!

Surfer SEO Content Editor suggestions

Related Keywords

#10 The new algorithm for Content Analysis

Surfer is the only tool on the market that can, with this new update, assess your content with a never-before-seen precision and reliability. Most importantly, it not only evaluates if there is the right amount of a given keyword in your content. It also covers the aspect of prominence. Prominence is a value you can give to a keyword on a given position on the page.

The aspects Surfer covers while making an appraisal of the keywords are placement, font parameters such as size, weight, decoration, or opacity, hidden terms, links, contrast, all caps words and headings. All of those parameters let Surfer assess whether a keyword is prominent enough or not.

SurferSEO Before and after update
Before and after the new update

#11 Similarity score indicator and related questions

This feature grants you the ability to easily see what queries are similar to your keyword and represent that in a number form. Firstly, it gives you other keywords that result in a similar SERP. And secondly, it also provides real related questions with the volume of searches.

It therefore makes for easier, more effective keyword research and takes the tedium right out of it.

SurferSEO Similarity score
SurferSEO Similarity score

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#12 Structured data analysis

This one provides you with the option to analyse your schema markup and fix it. You can for instance see what type of markups your competitors are using and make changes accordingly.

You can compare yourself with others and find the right markups to fix without much hassle, while it previously would take ages to stray across hundreds of schema types.

SurferSEO top ranking pages
SurferSEO Structured data analysis

#13 Keyword Research Tool

Another highlight, this makes it possible for you to keep the keyword research limited to just one platform – Surfer. You can choose the best keywords, then analyse your SERPs and optimise your content without switching to a different tool. It’s as easy as putting in your desired keyword in the search bar.

Search bar

Then, you instantly get valuable data on each keyword you put in – information such as similar keywords, related search, or queries containing the same terms. Moreover, it allows you to keep your preferred keywords in a convenient clipboard.

SurferSEO List of keywords

From there, you can create guidelines for your copywriters or run a SERP analysis, too.

#14 Free Keyword Surfer browser extension

This simple tool allows you to see valuable data from the level of SERP – you get a box containing all of that information just to the right of the results. It contains:

  • Search volumes for a given phrase
  • SERP similarity
  • Number of backlinks
  • Estimated organic traffic from the search results
  • How many words are on a page.
SurferSEO Keyword Surfer
SurferSEO Keyword Surfer

Now you can do keyword research directly from the SERP. If that’s not convenient – I don’t know what is!

#15 Exclusive Content Score

Surfer introduced what they call the most accurate metric for assessing your on-page SEO on the market. In other words, it ranks your content on a 0-100 scale and takes into consideration factors such as:

  • Content length and structure
  • Images
  • Keyword density
  • Title and headings
  • Usage of relevant phrases.

One content score is an evaluation in the context of only one query, as different keywords produce different results. This data can help you make out if the content you write for your site is on a good enough level – without any hassle and therefore achieve a higher spot in the SERP.

SurferSEO Content score
SurferSEO Content score

#16 NLP (Natural Language Processing) analysis

Surfer is connected with Google and IBM Watson NLP APIs. It enables you for sentiment analysis that you can conduct on a graph just like any other factor. Surfer compares you to the top pages from the SERP and helps you get an understanding of your position among them.

The Google NLP API also tells you the context your sentiment is mentioned in. It can either be positive, negative or neutral. Surfer sends out top ten results to Google, and that in turn can provide you with a certain system of terms and cover entities that are essential to rank for each query. You can get NLP Credits as a part of the pro plan.

Quite recently, Surfer has implemented their very own NLP feature which works even better than Google’s API, proposing entirely new keywords for the chosen keyword far more accurately than third-party apps.

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Surfer SEO NLP usage

#17 Content Planner

Surfer’s team has recently hit us with a huge update. It’s the so-called Content Planner, which truly is one hell of a tool. Its main purpose is the creation of topically relevant keyword clusters. That way, it’s possible to have a powerful topical relevance among your articles, which is, as we all know, vital for the performance.

Content Planner creates lots of keyword clusters related to the main focus keyword. This, in turn, allows you to create a content plan for months ahead. Here’s an example content planner for the target keyword “sentiment analysis”:

As you can see, 79 topical clusters were created. The clusters are then further divided into topical target keywords. Each of them can be used to make a content editor guideline.

It shows the search volume, search intent, and traffic. I believe that this is a huge addition to the Surfer SEO arsenal. Content Planner saves you hours upon hours of work by building the clusters via machine learning technology. And I’ll tell you, it works beautifully. It only takes a couple of minutes for Surfer to come up with content plans even for niche, local keywords.

#18 Integration with

Surfer has quite recently made the move to integrate their tool with, also known as Jarvis. It’s an AI writing assistant that can generate natural-looking text based on input. The integration with Surfer allows for seamless optimisation by simply switching the mode to SEO. It puts Surfer Content Editor into’s writing app, and that’s it. You know the rest. Keyword suggestions, on-page analysis, word count, writing exactly what you need, etc.

I’ll be reviewing quite soon, so stay tuned. x Surfer

Okay, this integration is the bomb. If Surfer wasn’t one of the best on-page SEO tools prior to that, it is now. Currently, I believe that it’s the best for both to write new, and optimise existing content. I mean, there are other SEO tools that can do that, too, but Surfer does it so much better!

The Cost

Surfer SEO has a really good pricing selection, and there is something to suit every type of user – including an $1 option that lets you try some of the key features out.

Below, you will find each of the price tiers and everything that each of them come with, allowing you to discover the plan that suits both your needs and your budget.

An Interview with Surfer SEO Co-Founder

Michal Suski SurferSEO Cofounder
Michal Suski, SurferSEO Co-founder

I got in touch with the co-founder of Surfer SEO, Michal Suski, with a few questions about his company and the inspiration behind it.

1. What motivated you to create Surfer SEO?

I will give you a bit of background. Surfer was an internal tool built to help in the agency I worked for.

We created a methodology based on competitors’ analysis. It was super effective but also time-consuming due to gathering data about competitors manually, browsing their sites etc.

Surfer was built to speed up the process of gathering and analysing data. After a year or so of playing internally, we decided to share it and scale up.

The main value proposition of Surfer was to save specialists time on gathering data.

It allowed the company to get more clients done. Now, besides the time efficiency, it is also a huge knowledge base thanks to a few hundred ranking factors included and competitors text analysis.

2. What made you interested in the industry?

SEO is a dynamic niche. You don’t need 10 years of experience to do the job. What you have to do instead is to be up to date and know how to read numbers.

3. What makes your tool different from others on the market?

Surfer is a cloud-based tool that provides real-time data within a minute. It supports localizations from all over the world with pretty decent accuracy for mobile and desktop results.

React JS application gives us huge capabilities combined with the smooth and reliable operation for the users. The team behind the tool is one of its biggest strengths.

We listen to our clients proactively to build products that fill their needs.

4. How do you feel your tool benefits those that use it?

The tool allows its users to replace guessing/experience of a single man with data-driven decisions.

Our users get data within a minute. Collecting it manually takes hours, or even days, which makes page analysis very expensive.

Actions taken based on the data are way more effective, so it doubles the outcome. Quick and detailed analysis makes data driven decisions affordable. Besides of this, team or freelancer capabilities rise. They can take on more clients with the tool on board.

Another advantage is related to education. Junior SEO can learn with ease about how Google algorithm works in terms of the content so he knows why he is working on the task.

In general, Junior SEO becomes mid to senior with the tool.

Is there a tool similar to Surfer SEO? Here are some alternatives


As one of the biggest competitors for Surfer, Cora is a tool that provides precise measurements of your page with up to 2040 ranking factors. It’s perfect for the more experienced SEO marketers and analysts as it lacks the user-friendly UI and shows the results in a table.

It’s very reliable, as it uses mathematics to come up with the best suggestions for your page. In addition, It adjusts the ranking factors automatically with each Google Algorithm update, which is quite convenient because there are a lot of those. 

It comes with additional tools such as Cora Diff, which enables you to compare reports from different updates and Cora Trends, which lets you see which keywords have something in common. 

However, it’s quite expensive as the pricing starts from $250 a month.

Page Optimizer Pro

Page Optimizer Pro or POP focuses on on-page SEO. It runs an analysis of a given page and provides you with recommended changes you should make for your site to be at a better spot. 

It’s simple and effective, and they have their browser extension to make it even more straightforward. 

Large brands have put their trust to them, such as HubSpot, Salesforce and SurveyMonkey. The price is very fair too, starting at $20, up to $39 a month for their Unlimited plan.


SEMRush is a massive, one-in-all platform for internet marketing. It contains tons of SEO tools for improving your insights and analyses of your site. 

It can track keywords used by your competition, conduct an audit of your page’s content, look for backlink opportunities, do keyword research and many more things. In addition, it’s trusted by over 6 000 000 marketers all over the world. 

The pricing starts from $99.95 monthly.


Another gigantic plethora of SEO tools for conducting keyword research, link building, analysing competition, track ranking, audit your site and lots more. 

Its interface is perfect for people who are well-acquainted with SEO. It provides all the data needed to rank your page as high as possible. And, above all, their keyword research tool is one of the best on the market right now. 

You can start using their tool for $99 a month.


MOZ Pro is a platform that lets you have all the marketing tools needed for SEO in one place. It enables you to understand your audience, track your keyword rankings, crawl and audit your sites, optimise your pages, find new links and create custom reports. 

They have their own metrics which include Page Authority and Domain Authority. 

Their starting price is $99 a month.


Clearscope is an AI-powered, content-orientated tool that helps you bring more organic traffic to your page. It assesses best performing organic content to then on that basis give you recommendations on appropriate terms, length and type of your content, readability and more. Apart from that, they have WordPress and Google Docs plugins to help you produce the best content more comfortably. 

The pricing starts from $170 a month.


It is a platform that helps make SEO accessible and doable for everyone. Their mission is to empower you to rank as high as possible available to anybody. This tool allows for easy keyword optimisation, internal linking suggestions, content insights, and more. Furthermore, it makes telling Google what your page is about very straightforward. 

They offer a free version of their plugin, as well as a premium one starting from €199 annually. In fact, they also have training and SEO courses you can buy for €499 annually.


MarketMuse is an AI-powered suite that speeds up content creation, remakes the way marketers increase their organic search rankings and pushes the expertise in their industry. It analyses tons of pages and articles, revealing keyword gaps and opportunities to create content that’s the most relevant both for the audience and for the Search Engine alike.

On the other hand, the software is pretty costly, as the price starts from $325 a month, although there is an option to get a free month-long trial.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking is a software that provides all the necessary tools to make SEO marketing possible. It enables you to track and research keywords, give you suggestions, monitor backlinks, automate reports, analyse your competition, manage social media, create marketing plans and all of that for a low price starting from $39 a month.

To Conclude

So, now that you know more about Surfer SEO, I hope you will give it a try to see if it is able to help your business grow and thrive.

It offers quality services, and ones that help you reach right into the very core of things so that you are able to create a system where your site always comes out on top in terms of Google (and other search engine) rankings.

With SEO having the power to give you all the success, this is not an area to skimp on, and definitely something to maintain with the help of excellent tools like Surfer SEO. Great tool, great value, quite cheap for what it can accomplish.

Surfer SEO -Sign up

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