Alan Silvestri

Interview with Alan Silvestri Founder and Director of strategy at Growth Gorilla

Tell me about your journey? Straight out of school I went to work in a 9-5 office job at a mechanical automation company as an electric engineer. As a hobby I played guitar and sang in a punk rock band for about 15 years. The office job didn’t unfortunately allow …

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Doc Sheldon

Interview with Doc Sheldon Founder/Owner at Intrinsic Value SEO

Tell me about your journey? After two decades as a business management consultant, spending half my time on the road, I decided it was time to find something to do that would let me stay a little closer to home. That was in early 2003. Since I’d once owned and …

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Tim Stewart

Interview with Tim Stewart MD at TRS Digital

How did your start with website optimisation niche?  The shorter version is that I think I’d always had an optimisation mindset. As a kid I was fascinated by time-and-motion studies and taking things apart to see how to get things done better next time. One of the appeals for me of …

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Kyle Roof

Interview with Kyle Roof Co Founder – High Voltage SEO

From a lawyer to an SEO geek?  It definitely wasn’t a normal path to SEO.  I was a trial attorney for a little more than four years.  I was what you see on TV in the lawyer dramas.  I did divorce/custody/support and criminal defense.  I decided that I would rather …

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Dixton Jones

Interview with Dixon Jones CEO at InLinks

SEO Speaker and Internet Marketer

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Interview with Alexandre Sigoigne Co Founder – Myposeo

Your journey to digital? I’ve been a digital fanatic since I was a child quite honestly. I started playing with my first computer at age 9 that initially sparked my interest in this new kind of technology. I would create programmes on floppy disks, wait for the next “Hacker Magazine” …

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Grant Simmons

Interview with Grant Simmons from

Your SEO journey? I was working for a small marketing agency in Los Angeles and we got a client who wanted to show up a little better in the Yahoo directory and this new search engine called ‘Google’. I was the only guy who knew how to program, so I …

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Interview with Artem the LinksHero

Your link building journey? I was about to graduate from M.A. I did in Berlin and it was time for me to decide what I am up to next. I had 1 Amazon Affiliate site at the time which was making around $2100 per month without me doing any sort …

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Rick Lomas

Interview with Rick Lomas from

How did you get into digital? Rick Lomas: Well as you can see from my photo, I’m not as young as the majority of digital marketers. So, my story goes way back to 1998. I had been working as a Unix Systems Administrator for Reed Elsevier in London, but after …

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Interview with Jason Barnard (the Brand SERP Guy) – CEO at Kalicube (@jasonmbarnard)

How did you start digital? What have you been doing before?  I made my living playing double bass in a folk-punk band in the 90s (here’s our version of The Ace of Spades). The band folded, so in 1998 I learned Flash, built games and cartoons for kids and launched …

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Interview with François Mommens – Linkody Founder

How did you get it into digital? I’ve always worked in Digital. I graduated from Polytech Nice-Sofia as a software engineer and got the chance to immediately join a small startup that had the big responsibility of developing France Telecom’s search engine. This is a forgotten fact but France Telecom …

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Interview with Gareth Simpson Co-Founder @Seeker Digital

How did you start with link building specifically Well, back in 2003 my dad handed me a book called IBP that automated directory submissions through software. I’ve been link building ever since. Obviously at first it was low quality work, but me and industry have come a long way since …

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Fernando Angulo

Interview with Fernando Angulo Head of Partnerships @Semrush

How did you start digital? What have you been doing before?  My professional life in the online world began in 2010 as a sales manager of a tourism company where I learned how to use and configure CRMs. That same year I finished my second diploma as a language teacher …

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Vlad Calus

Interview with Vlad Calus Co-founder

How did you enter social media world?  That’s a great question. I started my own nonprofit organisations around the age of 16 in order to solve the problems of my community and learn something new for myself. I ended up doing lots of stuff, including project management, content creation, promotion, …

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