Onlypult Review – The New Social Media Tool

During the last few weeks, you may have found yourself with a little more time on your hands due to government lockdown restrictions.  There are, of course, lots of ways of putting that time to good use and, for many, that has meant working on their social media accounts.  

Rarely something that anybody looks forward to, our social content and sending requires a fair bit of work to keep it ticking over – but that needn’t be the case.  These days, we have access to some great tools which can help us to automate and streamline our social activity and, today, we’re going to be sharing our review of new kid on the block, Onlypult

What is Onlypult?

12 most popular social media are available now for posting: Instagram Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Google My Business, TikTok, WordPress, Tumblr, Telegram, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki. 

Instagram is fast becoming the go-to choice for marketers and, Onlypult is a scheduling and analytic tool designed specifically for those who may be juggling more than one Instagram account for their brand. 


Who uses Onlypult?

Although Onlypult is really still in its infancy, it is used by a huge number of clients around the world.  Some of these are: 




New Balance

Witness Change

These five examples are important ones as they highlight Onlypult’s commitment to using its powers for good.

How do I get started with Onlypult?

It’s easy peasy to get started with this newbie – here’s how it’s done:

  • Zoom over to https://onlypult.com/login
  • Enter your email address, choose a password and, assure Onlypult that you’re not a robot
  • Click onto ‘Sign Up’
  • You’ll then be asked to choose your language and time zone
  • Click ‘Save’
  • A verification email will be sent to the email address that you provided – click onto the link in the email to verify your account

You’re now ready to go and will have access to your very own Onlypult dashboard


What are Onlpult’s features?


The bread and butter of this tool is its scheduling feature and, so, unsurprisingly, a lot of focus is on this feature.  This tool allows you to create and schedule your Instagram posts either from your computer or from your phone.  The scheduling feature is refreshingly simple to use as follows:

  • From your dashboard, get onto your web browser and upload single or multiple images from your computer to your account
  • Enter all of the required fields
  • Add text to your images
  • Choose the date and time to send your posts by clicking onto the ‘Schedule’ button

That’s really all there is to it.  You can schedule your posts to go out in an hour, a week or even a month. You do, of course, also have the option to send your post straight away for added convenience. 

Schedule posts
Schedule posts


Not only can you create and schedule your posts for sending but, through this useful feature, you can also share content including blog posts from your landing pages or any channel onto your personal account.  This feature is a great way of beefing up your content. 

Multiple Automation

One of OP’s really handy features is its clever automation.  Perfect for those dealing with several different Instagram accounts, Onlypult allows you to manage a shopping 40 accounts, all in one tool.  


We’re not gonna lie; Onlypult doesn’t have the most comprehensive set of analytics but, what it does have, it does well.  The simple analytics feature lets you see the whole picture of your growth and performance in a really easy to read format. 


How much does Onlypult cost?

Customers can choose between four different pricing plans for their OP’s account and, these pricing details are as follows: 

Start Plan

Priced at a teeny $12.75 per month, the Start Plan lets you get your hands on: 

  • 3 Instagram accounts
  • 1 Manager
  • 10 Tracked users
  • Unlimited posting
  • 1 page bonus builder
  • 300 mentions
  • 1 project

Perfect for those who are maybe just starting out with Instagram, the Start Plan is a tiny investment for a fair amount of OP features. 

SMM Plan

Still reasonably priced at $21.25 per month, the SMM Plan hands you the following: 

  • 7 Instagram accounts
  • 2 Managers
  • 15 tracked users
  • Unlimited posting
  • 1 page builder
  • 300 mentions
  • 1 project

This plan is great value for light to medium Instagram users and, is Onlypult’s most popular option. 

Agency Plan

The Agency Plan will set you back $41.65 per month and, for that, you’ll get: 

  • 20 Instagram accounts
  • 3 Managers
  • 20 tracked users
  • Unlimited posting
  • 1 page builder
  • 300 mentions
  • 1 project

For more prolific Instagramers, the Agency Plan still won’t break the bank and, 20 accounts gives you plenty of wiggle room should you decide to expand later on. 

Pro Plan

The prince of the Onlypult packages, the Pro Plan costs $67.15 per month and includes: 

  • 40 Instagram accounts
  • 5 Managers
  • 30 tracked users
  • Unlimited posting
  • 1 page bonus builder
  • 300 mentions
  • 1 project

As with the other packages, the Pro Plan offers good value for money and is great for a project agency and brands which have lots of Instagram and social media accounts on the go at the same time.  

Onlypult’s packages can be paid for either monthly or annually and, there isn’t currently a free trial available to new customers. 

Onlypult – The Pros And Cons

Now that we’ve taken a peek at what Onlypult can do for your social media organisation, I’m pretty sure that now, what you really want to know is, is it any good?  As is only right and proper in a review, we’ll now share the lowdown on the pros and cons of Onlypult:

The Pros

Price – Onlypult’s hugely affordable pricing structure means that you don’t have to agonise for too long over the decision to give it a try.  Even the basic Start package gives you enough to get started with this handy tool. 

Versatility – Onlypult allows you to supersize your digital marketing by using images of any shape or size – not just the standard square ones commonly associated with your Instagram account. 

Built in filters – These handy filters allow you to create really engaging posts straight from your dashboard – making it super convenient. 

Making a hash of it – Onlypult lets you add up to 30 different hashtags to your posts – which is essential for today’s digital marketing guru. 

Planner – Onlypult’s scheduling planner is really easy and fast to use for getting your social media posts organised and ready to send. 

The Cons

As with any review, we do of course have to point out the not-so-great bits which, with Onlypult, isn’t many – but, here they are: 

Analytics – At the moment, Onlypult’s analytics are pretty basic but they do give you an overview of  the performance of your Instagram accounts. 


If you’re looking for a social media management software which offers value for money, allows you to content plan and helps you to manage your social media traffic then, Onlypult is the one for you. 

The low price and ease of use means that this is already one of our favourite tools for 2020.  If you regularly need to schedule posts for sending, you can do no better than this great value piece of kit.