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Zuko Analytics Review – Dives Deeper Into Data Discovery

In 2020, we all understand the importance of data – finding it, analysing it, storing it and using it.  New legislation may have changed the way that we collect our data but it certainly hasn’t altered the fact that getting to grips with data is an integral part of any business’s operations. 

Over the last 10 years, countless tools have popped up on the market to help brands to manage their data.  While helpful, most of these tools have been a case of ‘same old, same old’, however, all that has changed with the launch of Zuko Analytics

Zuko makes it easy to understand why users are abandoning your forms, so you can make the changes needed to improve your conversion rate. It is flexible and can work with any type of form, regardless of how it is technically built. With Zuko, you get insights into your audience and imported data for an even more complete understanding of your visitors.

What in the world is Zuko Analytics?


Launched in 2019, Zuko Analytics drills deep into the micro-interactions made by users in online forms and checkout processes to provide incredibly in-depth insights and data.

Zuko Online Form Benchmarking 2020
Online Form Benchmarking 2020

How does Zuko Analytics work?

Zuko works 100% online so there’s no need for pesky plugins or fiddly techy stuff – all you need is a device and an internet connection to get on board with this valuable tool. 

Chief Product Officer, Tom New, says, “We’ve rebuilt our platform from the ground up, allowing us to explore new ways to unlock value in a key part of all online websites”.

How do I get started with Zuko Analytics?

Simples – here’s how it’s done:

  • Click on over to https://www.zuko.io/
  • Click onto the red ‘Get Started’ button in the top right hand corner
  • Choose a demo or a free trial
  • Convince Zuko that you’re not a robot and click ‘Continue to sign up’
  • Hand over the usual details
  • Confirm your email address 

That’s it, you’re ready to start your free trial or get your demo

Who uses Zuko Analytics?

Zuko Analytics is used by some pretty big deal companies including Sainsburys Bank and is ideal for any business using forms which are long or complex and exists within a competitive market. 

How much does Zuko Analytics cost?

Zuko Analytics pricing is calculated by the number of forms you wish to track and, price packages are as follows: 

10,000 form sessions £100 per month

This package includes unlimited trackable forms, unlimited users, implementation support and all of Zuko’s fabulous features. 

25,000 form sessions £250 per month

This mid-price package includes unlimited trackable forms, unlimited users, implementation support and access to all of Zuko’s features. 

50,000 form sessions £500 per month

This slightly more pricey package includes unlimited trackable forms, unlimited users, implementation support and all of Zuko’s features. 

For more than 50,000 form sessions, Zuko’s Enterprise Package pricing is available on request. 

With the exception of the Enterprise Package, a free trial is available to new Zuko Analytics users. 

What are Zuko Analytics’ features?

Pretty damn comprehensive is what so, buckle up and, we’ll take you on a wild journey through all of Zuko’s tools and tricks: 

Form Analytics

Without a doubt, Zuko’s starring feature, this incredibly powerful analytics tool has been designed to work with all online forms, no matter how they have been built or rendered.  Zuko’s Form Analytics tool can track:

  • SPAs (Single Page Apps)
  • Forms built with React.js
  • Login forms and session based forms
  • Dynamic content and input forms
  • Dynamic field attribute forms

Zuko’s form analytics feature allows you to pull data from millions of sessions in order to compare the metrics of your forms against averages across a huge number of industries and types of form. 

Campaign Management

This feature uses comparison dashboards to let you view side by side behavioural segments and to benchmark marketing channels against one another across important form metrics.  This helps you to reexamine your campaigns and to make them convert more effective and to allow you to manage them more efficiently.

Conversion Tracking

Zuko’s conversion tracking tool aims to add to, strengthen and enrich your existing data and increase your understanding of online user behaviour – all of which goes into the mix to help track and increase your conversions. 

Views,Starters, Completions & Abandons
Views, Starters, Completions & Abandons

Goal Tracking

Goal tracking is a really important (and unique) tool for keeping on top of all the things you want to achieve with your forms.

Keyword Tracking

As the name suggests, this feature allows you to track, monitor and analyse your keywords in order to get a really good idea of what’s working for you and what isn’t.

Fields Overview
Fields Overview

Multiple Site Management

Unlike so many tools, Zuko allows you to manage as many sites as you wish, giving you more flexibility and control over all of your forms on every one of your websites and pages. 

Pageview Tracking

This vital feature lets you measure the number of views received which, in turn, allows you to create a tracker object and then form commands to send to a pageview document. 

Referral Source Tracking

This clever tool is all about examining the source of traffic and report statistics about user behaviour – which is vital for your conversions.

Site Search Tracking

This feature shows you the web pages from where visitors start their search on your website and, the terms used by those users to find information on your site.

Time On Site Tracking

Time on site tracking can be really useful as, as the name suggests, this shows you how long your visitors are spending on your site – which can highlight where any issues may lie. 

User Interaction Tracking

Another tool for analysing user behaviour, this feature lets you drill down to figure out just what your visitors are getting up to once they land on your site.

Total custom Events
Total custom Events


Zuko Analytics offers some great integrations with modern marketing tools including: 

  • Optimize
  • Convert
  • JotForm

Zuko Analytics Pros And Cons

So, Zuko Analytics looks pretty impressive so far, right?  There’s absolutely no doubt that this platform is a game changer for businesses looking to dive much deeper into their customer insights and, here, we’ll take a look at some of the pros and cons of this relatively new tool: 

Zuko The Pros

  • Next generation – Zuko uses a 10 step change and so is able to provide results that, quite literally, haven’t been possible before. 
  • Conversion – This platform really is super-effective when it comes to helping you to increase your conversions. 
  • Insights – Zuko works out of the box with 95% of forms and offer unparalleled insights which, in turn, allow you to make more educated decisions in your future forms and campaigns. 
  • Integrations – Being a thoroughly modern tool, Zuko has some strong and quite progressive integrations to make life easier for businesses. 
  • GDPR compliant – Zuko is all over this and, so, you don’t need to worry that you may be breaching the new legislation when using the tool. 

Zuko The Cons

  • Price – Starting from £100 per month, Zuko probably can’t be described as a cheap tool, however, you do get what you pay for and, this platform will pay for itself in terms of conversions.
  • Complex – Zuko takes a little bit of getting used to and, I would absolutely recommend that you take advantage of the available tutorials to help get you on your way. 

Are there alternatives to Zuko Analytics?

Yep.  Well sort of, anyway.  Although you may not get the same kind of results from another tool, they do exist and, here are some of the best ones: 


Born in 2010, BizTalk360, touches on operational, administration and monitoring of data in order to provide some pretty great insights.  BizTalk360 is priced on request. One of the best features of this tool are the trigger alerts which keep you posted on any discrepancies.

Service Cloud Einstein

A genius of a tool, Service Cloud Einstein is the brainchild of Felisa Palagi and uses artificial intelligence  to deliver analytics and reports.  Prices start from $50 per month.

Panorama Necto

Based in Toronto, Panorama Necto is a discovery engine which explores automating patterns and business users’ data preparation.  A unified and collaborative platform, Panorama Necto pricing is available on request.

Salesforce Data Studio

A data sharing platform which connects data owners with buyers, Salesforce Data Studio was founded in 2017 and allows for the creation of new marketing opportunities.  Salesforce Data Studio pricing starts at a whopping $18,000 per month.

Azure Insight & Analytics

The brainchild of Richard Conway, this platform collects all of your information together in order to collect, store and analyse data and gain a single view for actionable insights.  Prices are available on request.

360 Suite

Used by three million users worldwide, 360 Suite offers leading solutions for SAP BusinessObjects and can help to cut costs, enhance security, streamline migrations and provides KPIs on analytics.  You can get hold of 360 Suite pricing by request.

Google Firebase Crashlytics

This curiously named tool can help businesses to track, prioritise and fix stability issues with apps, thereby cutting down on troubleshooting time, leaving you free to build your app features.  Google Firebase Crashlytics pricing is, you guessed it, available on request.


Zuko Analytics really is an extremely impressive tool for those who are serious about getting every advantage possible out of their data.  Although the platform may be considered quite expensive, it’s one of the most forward thinking tools I’ve used and, I found that I quite quickly recouped my costs in terms of improved conversions. 

If your business relies on forms for its success, I would highly recommend that you at least give the free trial a go to see what this future-centric platform can do for you and your business. 


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