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An SE Ranking Review – Rising Through The Ranks

SE Ranking is an SEO tool designed to assist marketers with optimizing their website or blog content for good ranking positions on search engine results pages.

If you have a website – or even a social media page – you’ll probably have at least dipped a toe in the waters of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).  For some time now, blogs, articles and social media posts have been lecturing us on the importance of SEO including keywords, backlinks and more.  

Not only that but, just as you get the hang of one form of SEO, a new one pops up to take its place. I’ll be the first to admit that SEO is super important and, I’ve always advocated the use of online tools to help marketers make the most of the resources available. 

Through my work with clients, I’ve found that many are using two or three different SEO tools to try to help their profile and ranking and, today, I’m here to let you into a secret – you only need one. 

Whatever your requirements and budget, there are a few tools out there that will cover most of your SEO needs. This time around, I’m going to be telling you about one of my favourites – here’s an SE Ranking review. 

What’s SE Ranking when it’s at home?

Launched in San Francisco in 2013, SE Ranking is a whole suite of tools to help supersize your SEO and put you in your rightful place in terms of Google ranking. 

The brainchild of SEO guru, Valery Kurilov, SE Ranking was created to make the tangled world of search engine optimisation as straightforward as possible as well as providing a budget-busting alternative to using multiple tools. 

How does SE Ranking work?

Once you’re signed up, you can log on and access your very own dashboard from which you can implement your plan for SEO world domination. If you’re looking for ease of use and power, it’s definitely for you.

How would one get started with SE Ranking?

With just a few simple clickety clicks, that’s how!  Here’s how it’s done with se ranking: 

  • Get yourself over to
  • Click onto the blue ‘Free Trial’ button in the top right hand corner
  • Fill in all the usual contact details (no need to enter any credit card details)
  • Choose a password
  • Reassure SE Ranking that you’re not a robot
  • Click onto the blue ‘Start 14 Day Free Trial’ button
  • And you’re done – you’ll be redirected to your dashboard and invited to start your first project
SE Ranking Projects
SE Ranking Projects

Who uses SE Ranking?

A more accurate question would be, who doesn’t use SE Ranking?  This hugely handy tool is used by thousands of brands across the globe including some big hitters such as: 

  • Bed, Bath & Beyond
  • Zapier
  • Capterra
  • Trustpilot

With some names like these, you know you’ll be in good company when you get on board with SE Ranking’s online marketing for marketing professionals. 

What are SE Ranking’s features?

Great question – as features for business owners is what SE Ranking is all about. Here’s what SE Ranking offers: 

Keyword Rankings Tracking

This feature lets you see the historical ranking info for particular keywords and then analyse the data to see how the word / phrase has performed over a period of time. It’s great for conducting keyword research.

Superior to most other rank trackers, this tool allows you to view performance on different devices and to include paid ranking in Google as well as, of course, being able to snoop on your competitors’ keyword ranking as well as a great keyword suggestion tool.  The Keyword Rank Tracker works with major search engines like: 

  • Google
  • Bing
  • YouTube
  • Yahoo
  • Yandex

Keyword Research Tool

This feature will also give you some great keyword suggestions if that’s what floats your boat.  Finally, you can also take advantage of the Keyword Grouper tool in order to segment keywords, plan your site architecture and group your PPC keywords.  

Website Audit

Website Audit
Website Audit

The first rule of SEO is to make sure that your website is in tip-top shape before trying anything fancy and, this feature lets you do just that with a site audit.  This superior audit feature crawls through your website to find any nasties which might be hurting your website ranking. 

You can configure the tool to personalise how deeply and quickly it crawls your site and, you can choose from multiple options including: 

  • Link by link crawling starting with the home page
  • Specified pages as per the XML sitemap file
  • Personalised list of URLS

SE rankings expert crawler can highlight an array of issues including: 

  • General website health via site audit
  • Parameters per page
  • Headers and meta tags
  • Image optimisation
  • Problems with UX

After completing the creepy crawl audit of your site, SE Ranking will present you with a comprehensive report showing SEO issues and actionable insights to help you to whip your site into shape quickly based on the SEO audit and improve your search visibility. 

On Page Checker

These days, SEO tasks are all about knowing what kind of questions people are asking when they consult with the Gods of Google during a search. Once you have this information, you can then optimise your web pages to match – and SE Ranking’s On Page Checker will show you how well you’ve done. 

This brilliant feature for seo professionals will use the following parameters to see how well your pages are optimised and to offer recommendations on upping your game: 

  • Title and meta tags
  • Domain features and characteristics
  • Content
  • Links
  • Index status
  • URL structure
  • Image optimisation
  • Headers
  • Page speed
  • Keyword density
  • Social signals

If you produce a fair bit of content, this feature is an absolute must-have.

Backlink Checker

I mentioned earlier just how important backlinks are for your SEO and, this feature is kind of like an seo software health check for your links. This tool will use the following parameters to analyse the backlink profile of your site (or your competitor’s) to see how it’s doing:

  • Number of external links
  • URL of a backlink
  • Alexa ranking of a link
  • Status of a link
  • Google index status of a link
  • IP server address of the link’s host
  • Moz domain authority
  • Social popularity
  • Competitor analysis
  • backlink monitoring
  • Competitor research

This is an incredibly important backlink monitoring feature as bad, broken or spammy links can really harm your ranking and, therefore, your performance. 

Page Changes Monitoring

This curious feature is one that you don’t come across too often – but it’s really really useful.  Page Changes Monitoring gives you a heads up when somebody changes a web page. 

This is useful as it allows you to check those changes to make sure that the page is still in line with your brand and the kind of content that you want your visitors to be exposed to through your site and search engines.  This is a really good one for those serious about rank tracking.

Social Media Management

Yep, the features just keep on comin’ – and this one’s a cracker.  You can find the best time to engage with your social audience and schedule posts – all from the comfort of your SE Ranking dashboard rather than your social seo platform. 


The cherry on top of the list of features, SE Ranking’s API lets you manage projects, retrieve selected data, create reports and import data into third-party apps. 


SE Ranking integrates with Google Analytics, Zapier, Bitrix24, SEOTools for Excel, and Reportz, providing you with additional insights into the inner search engine workings, as well as improving your workflows.

Customer Support

SE Ranking offers some great customer service. The response time is quick and the advice given by the customer support has proven to be valuable for me. Whenever I had a problem I could simply reach out to them and expect an answer in no more than a few minutes.

How much does SE Ranking cost?

Less than you would think, given the list of great features.  SE Ranking is available in three simple price plans (with a free trial available). Here’s the SE Ranking pricing:

Essential £23 per month

Among many perks you get with the essential package, there are:

  • 10 projects
  • Website audit for 40,000 pages
  • Monitoring for 6,000 backlinks
  • 1 user

Pro £53 per month

This package will include everything from the essential plan plus:

  • Unlimited number of projects
  • Website audit for 250,000 pages
  • Monitoring for 30,000 backlinks
  • 3 users

Business £112 per month

With this pricing plan you get all of the perks from pro and:

  • Unlimited number of projects
  • Website audit for 700,000 pages
  • Monitoring for 90,000 backlinks
  • 10 users

To see all of the features and their detailed descriptions, visit this page.

Active Websites
Active Websites

The Pros And Cons Of SE Ranking

It may seem that I’ve been singing the praises of SE Ranking so far, however, as this is a review, it’s only fair that I take a look at the bad bits as well so, here are my Pros And Cons of SE Ranking: 

The Pros

  • Ease of use – I believe that that’s the biggest plus of SE Ranking by far. I had virtually no problems with grasping all of the features really quick.
  • Great Value For Money – I really would defy anybody to expect more features for the price of SE Ranking.  Although you don’t get all of the features with the Optimum package, you certainly get plenty of bang for your buck. 
  • Paid & Organic Data – This is a major plus for me and something which really makes SE Ranking stand out from the competition. 
  • Website Audit Tool – A huge bonus as many tend to pay for this as a separate tool and it really is hugely valuable for any brand’s SEO. 
  • Full Suite – I’ll say it again, the jaw dropping number and range of features makes SE Ranking hard to beat. 
  • Customer support – SE Ranking’s customer support is reactive and friendly.  Its usually really quick and easy to get in touch with SE rankings customer service and issues are resolved quickly.  

The Cons

  • Timing – You generally have to wait 24 hours for ranking updates and, being an impatient so and so, it would be great if this could be speeded up. 
  • Data collection – The collation of data for a new site can, at times, be a little bit ploddingly slow and could maybe do with an update. 
  • In-Depth Webinars – Maybe I’m being picky but, it would be great to see some really insightful, in-depth webinars on the SE Ranking site.
SE Ranking

Are there any alternatives to SE Ranking?

Yup.  I’m not going to promise that they have the same comprehensive set of features as SE Ranking but, here they are: 


Popular Boston based SEO tool, SEMRush is a suite of marketing and SEO tools used by the likes of eBay, Quora, and Hewlett Packard. It’s recommended by pretty much most of the SEO pros.  Features include SEO audits, social media tools, backlink profile checkers, social media management, and keyword research and, SEMRush costs between $99 and $399 per month. 


Launched in 2014, Mangools is an all singing all dancing keyword research and rank tracking tool.  Simple and easy to use but effective, Mangools is great for those looking for a really wide range of keywords and phrases. Among keyword tracking tools, it’s one of the cheapest and most powerful. You can get your hands on his tool at a price range of 29.90 and 79.90 Euros. 


An all in one suite of marketing and SEO tools, Moz Pro goes aaaaaaaaaalll the way back to 2004 and is used by some A listers including Zillow, 99 Designs, Coalmarch Productions and Top Spot. There are plenty of features that Moz has to offer, along with their keyword position tracking and a website audits tool.  Moz Pro will set you back between $99 and $599 a month.


So, as is my duty, I’ve pointed out a few ‘Cons’ when it comes to SE Ranking but, really, these are, by no means, game-changers.  Put simply, this ranking software tool includes more features than you can shake a stick at – and, what’s more, they’re all pretty great. 

Whether you’re just starting out with SEO and are on a learning curve or you’re looking for something that’s going to help you to raise your game and help with competitor research, you can really do no better than to get your hands on SE Ranking – trust me, you’ll never look back! Excellent value for money, if you ask me.

Se Ranking

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