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Following the Trends of Domain Registration Growth

As more and more businesses and entities join the Internet revolution, the registration of domains has hit an all-time high. Domain registration and the subsequent design of web sites are a crucial step to any new business looking to capitalize on the vast potential the Internet offers. A functional domain, in modern society, is the equivalent to building a storefront in a well-trafficked location.

Consider the rental cost of such storefronts and the relatively low price of Internet domain real estate. With the endless and steady stream of Internet traffic, domains have become one of the most significant tools available to businesses looking to attract clients and drive sales. Facts and data found on websitebuilderau, explains the clear market trend of domain registrations in high volumes is rising and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Significant Growth in a Short Time

Looking more closely at global, country-specific domain registrations in Q4 2016, the numbers of new registrations are staggering. China’s .ch domains added 21.1 million new domains in the 4th quarter alone. Other countries were not far behind with .tk (Tokelau) adding 18.2 million domains, .de (Germany) adding 16.1 million domains, .uk (United Kingdom) adding 10.6 million and .ru (Russia) adding 6.3 million. While those numbers are impressive, bear in mind, they only account for a tiny percentage of global domain registries.

When it comes to domain registration, a few companies that offer the service are also showing substantial growth in new domain registrations. GoDaddy, an industry leader of this service, registered 54.6 million domains this year. Furthermore, if you add the domains registered by the top 5 registrars; Godaddy, Enom, Tucows, Network Solutions and Direct, over 89 million domains are currently registered with just those companies.

Parking Domains

Another factor driving the upswing in domain registration is the business of “Parking Domains.” Parking a domain refers to the practice of buying a fashionable or potentially popular domain with the intention of reselling that domain for profit. This method has seen some individuals make 6, 7 and even 8-figure returns on small initial investments. That’s because domains have become real estate and sought-after addresses have immense demand potential.

An example of this is Mike Mann, in 2012 Mr. Mann registered 14,962 domains in a single 24-hour period.

An example of the resale potential is the 30.18-million-dollar price tag for paid in 2012.

Parking domains are the equivalent of buying a lottery ticket with a strategy. Many domain name resellers are driving up registration rates in the process.

Almost Everyone has a Domain

With the global population increasingly gaining access to the Internet, even for lower income segments of the population, expect domain registration to continue to increase. It is estimated, in China, the domain registration leader of 2016, that one domain is registered for every 57 Internet users. Furthermore, with more and more names being taken, companies are now turning to other TLD’s such as .web .app or .me to register with.

The supply of potential domains is endless, considering that as of March 2016, about 326.4 million TLD’s have been registered. This signifies that the current growth trend in domain registration has no end in sight.

Special thanks to marketing team from Bluebird Accountancy.

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