Getemail Review – Addresses Contact Issues For Brands

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know – and for brands, this means making solid contacts and turning them into leads.  While it’s fairly straightforward to put together a list of the contacts you’d like to reach out to, finding contact details for them can be a very different matter. 

These days, lots of professionals choose not to publish their contact information, particularly on LinkedIn; which can be a major headache for those who are looking to connect with them.  Happily, while this is tricky, it’s not impossible thanks to some great online tools which can help you to get your hands on those elusive email addresses.  I make it my business to get to know these tools and so, today, I’m going to give you a review. is a cloud-based software that helps businesses use big data algorithms and machine learning capabilities to retrieve email addresses of required professionals from the web. Supervisors can use the application to automatically verify and authenticate requested emails for legitimacy .

Get what?

The answer is, of course, in the name! is a San Francisco based online platform which has been designed to help brands get connected by providing hard to find email addresses.  Founded by Gabriel Cian, is a stack of superb software for finding and verifying an email address to help turn them into leads. 

Not only for small business?

On top of that, the app also has some pretty impressive fans including Google, Oracle and IBM so, if you sign up, you’ll be in good company.

This platform is suitable for brands of any size and from any industry – event planners, recruiting executives, marketing folks – in fact, anyone who needs a helping hand with snagging contact information.

How do I get started with

The process of getting started with is as refreshingly simple as its name.  Here’s how it’s done: 

  • Get yourself over to
  • Click onto the blue ‘Sign Up’ button in the top right-hand corner
  • Fill in your details (you know the drill) or choose to sign up with your Google account
  • Choose a password and click onto the green ‘Sign Up’ button
  • Click onto the green extension button
  • Click onto the blue button to add the extension
  • You’re all set to get emails

Once you’re all signed up, be sure to watch the handy demo which will show you how to make a start on grabbing your first emails from LinkedIn.

Project list
Project list

How does it work?

Since most businesses use a similar email format, it’s possible for the tool to scan among the most popular ones and get you your prospect. From the comfort of your handy extension, users can quickly scan details of the desired contact; safe in the knowledge that details are correct and have been verified. 

How much does cost? customers are spoilt for choice when it comes to pricing packages as this platform offers five (count ‘em) different options and, these are: 

Free Package $0 per month

Prices don’t come better than this one and, with this package, you’ll receive: 

  • 10 free credits per month
  • CSV Downloads
  • API Access

Basic Package $49 per month

With this package, you’ll receive: 

  • 300 credits per month
  • CSV Downloads
  • API Access
  • Email Support

Standard Package $99 per month

Offering a bit more oomph, the Standard package gives you: 

  • 1000 credits per month
  • CSV Downloads
  • API Access
  • Email & Chat Support

Premium Package $149 per month

If you decide to flash the cash with the Premium package, you’ll receive: 

  • 2000 credits per month
  • CSV Downloads
  • API Access
  • Email, Chat & Telephone support

Ultra Package $399 per month

If you choose the ultimate package, you’ll get: 

  • 10,000 credits per month
  • CSV Downloads
  • API Access
  • 24/7 Email, Chat & Telephone support

You can find the current pricing here.

What features does have? has some pretty funky features and, these are: 

Find an email address

Perhaps the most important feature, lets you find any email address in seconds, provided you have a name and last name or the domain. Gamechanger for outreach and HARO pros.

Bulk email verification

This important feature allows you to verify multiple email ID’s in one hit, saving you a huge amount of time which you can then spend on your campaigns. 

Domain check makes light work of making sure that domains are valid and verified so you don’t have to. 

Mail server validation

This is another important feature which takes the strain of validation and stops you from getting those annoying bounced email messages. 

Single email address verification

This tool allows for quick and easy checking of any given individual professional email address.

Syntax check

This feature uses machine learning to ensure that searches are double-checked for errors and typos. 

Catch all server detection

Another feature which helps for double and triple-checking to make sure that the results that you get are the results that you need. 

Get Email Integrations is suitable for: 

  • Web Apps
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • iOS
  • Android

Get Pros And Cons

So, we’ve taken a look at’s fabulous features, we’ve delved into the pricing and you now know about suitability and integrations.  That’s great, I hear you cry, but, the big question is, is it any good?  Nobody’s perfect – and neither is and, so, the following is my obligatory list of pros and cons for this handy little tool: 


Pricing offers a great range of price packages, including a free option, which means that there’s a package for every size of company and every budget. 

Easy to use

This platform is really user-friendly, even if you have zero technical know-how so you can get up and running quickly and without any fuss. The dashboard is really straightforward too for extra ease of use.

Customer support’s customer service team is super-responsive and, if you opt for one of the pricier packages, you’ll get the choice of support by chat, email or phone. 

Features has a pretty impressive set of features – all of which means that you get great value for money. 


Unlike some other similar tools, is a great tool which delivers fast and accurate results. 



At present, is only available in English which can be a little frustrating but, we’ll keep you posted!

Limited free version

While we shouldn’t complain about getting something for nothing, the free package’s 10 credits a month is a little stingy.


The site is a little light on training tools and webinars, etc. which many, like myself, would find helpful. Still, the software is so simple, that onboarding process wouldn’t take very long.

iPhone is not currently available for iPhone so, if you want to grab emails on the go, you may be out of luck.   

Are there alternatives to

Funny you should ask.  As it happens, there are – and here are some of them, if this review hasn’t convinced you to get 


AppSumo’s Clearout is a pretty efficient email validation and verification tool designed to help protect users’ sender reputations.  This tool allows you to find the email quickly validate email addresses and create data lists for your campaigns.  Prices start from $49 per month. 

Zero Bounce

This clever online tool describes itself as an email validation and deliverability toolkit – and it pretty much does what it says on the tin.  Zero Bounce helps with validating email addresses, removing invalid addresses and includes a spam trap and abuse email verifier.  You can get your hands on Zero Bounce for $16 or $39 per month or choose a basic free option. 


In a similar vein to, Aeroleads lets you scour the usual sites such as LinkedIn in order to find business email addresses and then export them to create address lists.  Aeroleads has some pretty impressive customers including IBM, GrubHub and Domino’s and it can be yours for between $49 and $499 per month (no free version available). 


India based DeBounce is an efficient email validator which allows you to upload lists of emails and verify them in a flash.  DeBounce works on a pay as you go system starting with 5000 verifications for just $10. 


Based in New York, MoonMail is used by some pretty major companies including Amazon, NEspresso and Warner Brothers and offers a whole suite of email marketing and sales tools including a really decent email finder and verifier tool.  MoonMail offers just two different price packages – and different they are: The Lite Package will cost you a measly $44 per month whereas the Starter Package will set you back a whopping $186 per month.

Launched in 2015, is one of the better known email tools and has a pretty solid reputation.  With domain search, email finder and email verifier tools under its belt, will cost you between $0 (very basic package) and $399 per month. 


Founded by Yoni Tserruya, Lusha is a super accurate email and telephone number finder for businesses.  Lusha is available as a free browser extension and is used by some big names including Facebook, DropBox, Uber and Microsoft. 

1 Point Interactive

A one stop shop for all things email, 1 Point Interactive is a whole suite of tools to help you up your email game including email finder, email verifier and more analytics than you can shake a stick at.  With tons of features, 1 Point Interactive is surprisingly affordable and, prices range between $39 and $499 per month. 


Trying to hunt down an email address for the desired contact can be massively frustrating, not to mention time-consuming.  

Being able to gain this information is absolutely vital for proactive lead building and using a tool like is much faster and more efficient than trying to find addresses manually.  I’m not going to say that is 100% accurate at finding anyone’s email address but, that’s OK as I’ve yet to come across a tool which is.  Still, it has a great hit rate of 70%, which is higher than most apps.

What I can say is that this tool ticks an awful lot of boxes, whether you’re a brand new startup or a much larger company.  The choice of price packages is super flexible and you can switch up and down whenever you feel like it.  It also has some pretty impressive features which add to the tool’s value for money – all-important for most businesses these days.  If I was going to have a grumble, it would be that I’d like to see more training and educational content on the site as I always find these helpful but, this is in no way a deal-breaker. 

If you’re looking for an affordable email address and domain name tool which will let you quickly build your lists of contacts and start being more effective with your email marketing campaigns then I highly recommend, as it’s one of the best email finders out there. 

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