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11 Budget-friendly Surfer SEO Alternatives to Boost Your Website’s Traffic – 2024 Comparison

Surfer SEO stands out as an excellent tool for content optimization. It’s user-friendly, featuring a customizable content editor and a range of other beneficial functionalities.

So why consider other options? What is the best Surfer SEO alternative currently available?

It’s wise to explore and compare various tools in the market, particularly for those mindful of their budget. The challenge, however, lies in choosing the top Surfer SEO alternatives from the less effective ones between many options.

Don’t worry, you’re in good hands. Whether you’re just starting in SEO or are a seasoned expert, gear up for an exciting journey towards improved search rankings and budget-friendly options!

Here’s a list and key features of the best Surfer SEO alternatives that will be discussed:

  1. Frase
  2. SE Ranking
  3. Marketmuse
  4. Scalenut
  5. Outranking
  6. Dashword
  7. Semrush Writing Assistant
  8. Content Harmony
  9. Writer Zen
  10. Junia
  11. Clearscope

What is Surfer SEO and how can you benefit from this tool?

Surfer SEO is an online tool that focuses on improving website content for search engines. It deeply analyzes Google’s Search Results to provide insights not commonly found in other tools. This tool helps fine-tune your website, ensuring top rankings by using the right keywords. Surfer SEO compares important factors from leading web pages in your industry and makes optimization easier.

Many well-known companies like FedEx, Opera, and Shopify use Surfer SEO. It’s known for making content rank better in search engines. Surfer SEO examines elements such as keyword use, content length, and headings to guide users in creating optimized content. Also, provides information on backlinks and areas needing improvement.

Reasons to consider SurferSEO alternatives

SurferSEO is an effective tool with many optimization opportunities. Nonetheless, comes with certain limitations.

What are other reasons to consider other tools for content optimization? 

It might be challenging for beginners to navigate, and its fundamental plan doesn’t offer integration with Google Docs. Surfer SEO might be costly for those with limited budgets. This tool has many advanced features that may be more than what some users need, adding unnecessary complexity. Also, Surfer SEO may not offer a comprehensive keyword research tool and require the use of additional tools for a complete analysis. 

It’s effective, still, exploring other options with different features and prices can also be beneficial for your SEO-friendly content and your budget.


Frase is an innovative SEO and content creation tool designed to optimize digital content for better search engine rankings. Why should you consider this alternative to Surfer SEO? Here are key features, the prices it offers and ways it can benefit business and individuals.

Key features

  1. AI and Templates – This feature lets you create blog openings, general text, and FAQs quickly, or you can craft your own content from the ground up.
  2. Quick Outline Creation and Paragraph Rewriting – Ideal for tight deadlines, allows for rapid generation of complete outlines in just a few minutes.
  3. Analytical Dashboard for Content – Provides a dashboard that tracks your content’s performance, highlighting areas for potential improvement and offering actionable insights.
  4. A real-time content optimization tool – Feedback on your writing compared to competitors.
  5. Customizable AI Tool – This unique function lets you develop a tool using Frase’s AI, offering flexibility to modify the AI Writer’s outputs through the Custom AI Tools feature.
  6. Connecting with your Search Console data – To analyze content performance and offer actionable recommendations.
  7. Integration with Google Docs.

Pros and cons of Frase

Frase efficiently generates content briefs, streamlines the process of understanding search intent and drafting articles. A standout feature of this Surfer SEO alternative is its user-friendly layout, displaying the top 20 articles’ contents for crafting detailed outlines. While Frase bases its content on competitor analysis, resulting in factually accurate content, it differs from tools like ChatGPT, which currently lacks web browsing capabilities. The integration with Google Docs is handy for optimizing content directly, though it’s not entirely comprehensive, and often requires use of Frase’s own editor and exporting to DOCX format.

On the downside, Frase’s content creation requires more manual effort compared to SurferSEO’s Surfer AI, which can generate highly optimized blog posts with just a keyword and an outline. Also, the total cost for both research and AI writing features in Frase can be quite high, particularly when compared to more specialized tools.


Subscription plans begin at $14.99 per month, with discounts available for annual commitments. There is no completely free trial, still, you can also explore the tool with a 5-day trial costing only $1.

Does it offer free trial?

No completely free trial available, but you can explore the tool with a 5-day trial at $1.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking presents itself as a comprehensive Surfer SEO alternative with various functionalities.

Its latest addition, a content marketing tool, provides keyword exploration, content evaluation, and competitive analysis, along with a plagiarism detector and a strategy planner for content marketing. All in one place. SE Ranking is also a more budget-friendly option compared to Surfer SEO. Still, even though it provides a broader spectrum of features, Surfer SEO takes the lead in the depth of content analysis and the precision of keyword recommendations.

Key features

SE Ranking offers some amazing features, definitely worth considering:

  1. Content Optimization – You can view the total count of words, paragraphs, headings, and images used, as well as the frequency of keyword usage.
  2. Competitive Analysis – Provides insights into competitors’ traffic from both paid and organic campaigns, including the PPC keywords used in their advertisements.
  3. Report Generation –  Helps in crafting reports using ready-made templates or starting from scratch, with the option to schedule them in advance.
  4. Backlink Analysis – Boasts a comprehensive backlink database, and encompasses checks and indexing of over 262 million domains.

Pros and cons of SE Ranking

Users value SE Ranking’s features, including website audits, keyword and competitor analysis, and rank tracking, all within a single platform. It’s definitely one of the most important advantage. This consolidation of tools saves time and money, and eliminates the need for multiple SEO tools. Still, it lacks detailed tools for PPC specialists and limited user seats in the plans. While SE Ranking is affordable and offers a range of useful features like website analysis and reports, some users find the keyword ranking limits too low for multiple projects. The lack of API access in lower-tier plans and the need for more third-party integrations are with no doubt drawbacks of this tool. Despite these issues, SE Ranking is praised for its simplicity, ease of use, and comprehensive SEO capabilities,

SE Ranking offers several advantages, making it a great choice for SEO needs. It’s scalable, able to accommodate up to 30 users with a custom plan, which is ideal for growing businesses. The availability of a mobile app across all plans adds convenience for users on the go. SE Ranking stands out for its ability to track related keywords in five different locations, offering a broader scope for SEO strategies. It’s also designed to cater to users of all experience levels, whether you’re a beginner or an expert. In terms of value, SE Ranking is competitively priced, offering great value for money even when compared to other all-in-one SEO tools.

It’s worth noting that SE Ranking is somewhat basic when compared to its competitors, which might be a drawback for users looking for more advanced features and pay more for real-time information regarding backlinks.


SE Ranking offers a range of pricing plans starting from $31.20 per month, with a 20% discount available for annual subscriptions. This makes it an affordable option for those seeking comprehensive SEO tools. Those, who want to try it are provided with a 14-day free trial, to explore its features before committing to a paid plan. 

Does it offer free trial?

Yes, potential users can start with free 14 days of trial.


MarketMuse is an AI-driven content planning and optimization software that, unlike traditional methods that rely on generic data, uses AI to analyze the entire website. Surely, can be invaluable for more objective insights. But what more can it offer?

Key features

  1. Content Strategy and Planning – MarketMuse helps create a thorough content plan by identifying areas my current content is missing.
  2. AI-Driven Content Outlines – The AI on this platform generates comprehensive outlines for articles, recommends topics, sections, and key terms.
  3. Competitive Analysis – Compares content with the best-performing articles for a certain keyword, and shows where you can make improvements.
  4. Content Optimization Rating – Each part of content receives a score that shows how well it’s optimized for SEO.

Pros and cons of MarketMuse

MarketMuse saves time on research and content optimization, and allows users to quickly gather information and optimize content for better search engine rankings. MarketMuse also helps content rank by providing actionable steps and insights for improvement. However, MarketMuse is relatively expensive, with plans starting at $6,000 per year, potentially putting it out of reach for smaller businesses. A free plan it’s limited to only 10 queries per month, which might be suitable mainly for freelancers or bloggers with one site. The platform is not initially user-friendly and can be overwhelming at first. Also, it has long load times for some applications and doesn’t provide as detailed keyword research as some dedicated tools, particularly in terms of backlink data.


MarketMuse offers three basic pricing plans, and one of them is a free plan, a rarity among Surfer SEO alternatives, including Surfer SEO itself. However, this free option offers only basic page-level insights and allows just 10 queries each month. The pricing structure goes up with the initial paid plan priced at $149 monthly. This plan includes comprehensive page-level insights, access for one user, and a limit of 100 monthly queries. MarketMuse suggests this plan is best suited for individual users. For larger organizations or agencies, MarketMuse offers a Team plan at $399 per month.

Does it offer free trial?

No, but free plan is available, limited to 10 queries.


Scalenut is a platform designed for optimizing content, which offers high-quality tools for content creation and an SEO assistant to enhance your current content. It uses the advanced GPT-3.5 technology to deliver superior outcomes. With a help of Scalenut, you can discover keywords and important metrics like keyword volume, CPC (Cost Per Click), and the difficulty level of keywords.

Key features

  1. Advanced Content Optimization –  Scalenut rivals Surfer SEO in optimizing content, offering real-time SEO enhancement tips while keeping content readable and relevant. Its AI editor analyzes text against top pages for insightful, data-driven content improvement.
  2. Innovative Keyword Research –  Adopts a unique keyword research tool, which combines semantic analysis with traditional metrics to find related keywords and topics, enhancing search engine visibility and content relevance.
  3. User-Friendly Dashboard –  Scalenut’s dashboard is easy to navigate, as it showcases essential SEO metrics, including backlink and SERP analysis, for a comprehensive SEO overview.
  4. AI Insights –  Provides insights into the AI’s learning process, and offers transparency in its algorithm development, which is helpful for understanding and applying AI recommendations.

Pros and cons of Scalenut

Scalenut has definitely user-friendly interface that makes the tool easy to navigate and use. The platform provides real-time SEO suggestions, which improves the quality of content. Scalenut also uses semantic analysis for keyword research, and offers a more effective strategy than just basic keyword statistics. What about the drawbacks? Scalenut falls short in integrating with other platforms like WordPress, unlike some of its competitors. While it has competitive pricing, Scalenut doesn’t offer a free version for users, still there is a possibility of a 7-days trial to try before committing financially. Also, the AI-generated suggestions might not always match a brand’s unique tone, so there may be a necessity to apply manual tweaks to maintain brand voice consistency.


Scalenut offers several pricing plans to suit different needs. The Essential plan might be perfect for individual creators and consultants, at a regular price $39 per month. However, there is a possibility to save money with a limited-time offer of $19 per month when billed annually. For larger teams and businesses, the Pro plan is available at $149 per month, discounted to $75 per month with annual billing. Scalenut provides a 7-days free trial to explore its features before committing to a paid plan.

Does it offer free trial?

Yes, 7 days of trial are completely free.


Outranking, powered by AI, can help you generate and edit SEO content and optimize it for better ranking success. 

Key features

  1. AI-Powered Keyword Research and Clustering –  Utilizes AI to identify relevant and high-potential keywords for your industry, clustering them into focused topics for targeted content creation.
  2. Comprehensive Content Planning –  Facilitates the creation of a content calendar based on SEO goals, helping you stay organized and focused on producing impactful content.
  3. Streamlined Content Production Process –  Simplifies the process of content creation, making it more efficient.
  4. On-Page Optimization and Performance Tracking –  Offers AI-driven recommendations for content optimization and tracks key performance indicators like keyword rankings and organic traffic.
  5. Internal Linking Optimization – Provides intelligent suggestions for internal linking to enhance website authority and search engine rankings.
  6. Topical Authority Building –  Helps in expanding your website’s authority by targeting new topics and identifying opportunities to build topical authority.
  7. Google Search Console Integration – Allows monitoring of website performance and identification of areas for improvement through integration with Google Search Console.
  8. Expert Support and Guidance –  Access to a team of SEO and content experts for implementing effective SEO content strategies, along with resources and support.

Pros and cons of Outranking

Outranking’s AI insights simplify the process of creating optimized content.

Thorough SERP and keyword research enables users to analyze competitors’ strategies and apply successful tactics to their own content. Even beginners find the platform easy to use, thanks to its guided workflows. Yet, In comparison to Surfer SEO, Outranking seems to offer less detailed SEO metrics. While AI-generated suggestions are useful, they shouldn’t completely replace human expertise and judgment in SEO decisions. Overall, Outranking provides a more straightforward approach to content optimization, but those needing in-depth SEO data might prefer Surfer SEO.


Outranking provide three options and a custom plan. Starter plans start at $29, when paid monthly, but you can save 25% with annual billing. The rest options offer more features, at a price $79 and $159 per month. 

Does it offer free trial?

Outranking doesn’t offer a free trial.


Dashword is a tool that helps make online content better. It’s a Surfer SEO alternative that works automatically. Dashword improves the quality of content by making it more visible on search engines, helps find good keywords, works with Google Docs, and has a program to earn money through referrals.

Key features

  1. Content Brief Builder – Quickly creates content plans by gathering all needed information and competitor outlines in one place.
  2. Content Optimization – Makes your content ready for SEO with keyword suggestions, real-time feedback, and quality checks.
  3. Content Monitoring – After publication, Dashword monitors your content and notifies you if updates are needed. Identifies underperforming pages by tracking traffic trends and generates automated keyword reports weekly to re-evaluate your content based on the latest results. AIt also  includes a keyword rank tracker and an automated page import feature using a web crawler to monitor your site.

Pros and cons of Dashword

Dashword makes content creation process simple, from keyword selection to article writing. It’s known for being user-friendly, as well. One of its strengths is the real-time content optimization scoring, which evaluates both SEO and readability aspects. The keyword research feature in Dashword is quite robust, and provides  all the necessary metrics for evaluating keyword opportunities. The AI writer in Dashword is praised for consistently producing high-quality, human-like content. However, at the same time, Dashword offers a limited range of AI writing templates, which are mainly focusing on meta descriptions and article introductions. The platform is primarily designed for creating long-form articles and blog posts, which may not be ideal for those looking to produce a variety of content types. Also, even on its higher-tier plans, Dashword imposes usage limits, which could be restrictive for agencies or professional bloggers who create a large volume of content.


Dashword’s pricing plans include a Startup plan at $99/month and an Enterprise plan starting from $699/month. You can save 20% with annual billing. There’s also a free trial to check if the tool meets users’ needs.

Does it offer free trial?

Yes, trial is limited to three first reports.

Semrush Writing Assistant

The Semrush Writing Assistant is a content optimization tool, that is a part of the extensive SEO toolkit offered by Semrush. It helps you improve your content through the optimization of key keywords, enhancing readability and engagement, ensuring consistency in your tone of voice, and checking for originality to prevent plagiarism.

Key features 

  1. AI Writing Assistant –  Aids in creating content that is optimized for search engines by providing useful optimization tips.
  2. Competitor Analysis – Used to examine the websites and tactics of your competitors, offering insights to enhance your strategy.
  3. Backlink Tracking – Assists in tracking and assessing backlinks to your site, a key aspect of SEO.
  4. In-depth Website Audits –  Semrush delivers comprehensive reports on your website’s performance, pinpointing areas that need enhancement.

Pros and cons of Semrush and Writing Assistant

Semrush has its pros and cons. It’s an all-encompassing SEO tool with a user-friendly interface, which provides detailed reports and insights into website performance. These features make it accessible for beginners while offering advanced capabilities for professionals. On the downside, the cost may be too big for small businesses or individuals just starting with SEO, as the most affordable plan begins at $129/month. Despite its user-friendly nature, Semrush has a steep learning curve due to its extensive features and tools. There’s also a limit on the number of projects you can handle simultaneously.


Semrush offers various pricing plans, but still you need a Semrush account to use the Writing Assistant. A free account allows you to create a single template and link it to Google Docs. The Pro plan at $129.95 per month, is suitable for small teams and new projects. The Guru plan, ideal for medium-sized businesses and agencies, is priced at $249.95 per month. For larger agencies and enterprises, the Business plan is available at $499.95 per month. Annual billing options provide up to a 17% discount.

Does it offer free trial?

No, but a free account is available. You can create a single template and link it to Google Docs.

Content Harmony 

Key features 

  1. Content Briefs – Streamlines the creation of comprehensive content briefs, covering essential SEO and brand requirements efficiently.
  2. Keyword Report Analysis – Offers in-depth SERP analysis with numerous data points, providing valuable insights for content strategy.
  3. AI-Driven Topic Modeling – Utilizes AI to identify critical terms and keywords, focusing on the most relevant content topics.
  4. Competitor Outlines – generates AI-based outlines and analyzes competitors’ heading structures to aid in crafting superior content.
  5. Content Grading – Features a content grader tool to evaluate and optimize drafts or existing content for SEO effectiveness.

Pros and cons 

Content Harmony offers a streamlined solution for content strategy and SEO workflow. One of its major advantages is its ability to simplify the process of content creation and optimization, and integrating various aspects of SEO and content marketing into a single platform. Users can efficiently plan, create, and optimize content to boost their rankings. Every plan includes unlimited users and projects, along with credits that roll over for 90 days, a unique benefit not found in Surfer SEO, and complimentary team training. You can begin with a $10 trial that provides 10 credits. This trial period has no expiration, and you will only be billed once you decide to formally subscribe. However, users may find the learning curve slightly challenging initially, and some may prefer more advanced features in specific areas like keyword analysis or backlink tracking. 


Content Harmony offers transparent plans that you can adjust to your needs. There isn’t a free version, but they do provide a trial period at $10 to explore the platform’s features before committing to a subscription. The prices of Content Harmony start at $50/month for 5 projects published monthly.

Does it offer free trial?

No free trial, but users can explore the platform paying $10.


Key features 

  1. Content Creator – You are able to generate various sections of your content, such as introductions, outlines, conclusions, and even entire blog posts, using AI. It offers a range of writing styles and templates to suit different needs
  2. AI-Powered Rewriting – WriterZen can rewrite existing content to improve clarity, conciseness, and SEO. It provides suggestions for enhancing sentence structure, grammar, and word choice.
  3. AI-Powered Templates – The tool offers access to over 60 templates for different writing objectives, including product descriptions, social media posts, and website copy.
  4. Keyword Planner – Generates hundreds of insightful content briefs with AI-driven insights on audience, format, author perspective, and more. It helps optimize your content based on well-researched keyword lists and in-depth analysis.
  5. SEO Optimizer – Your content can be optimized for search engines with on-page SEO checks.

Pros and cons 

WriterZen is a useful tool for SEO and content marketing, that offers a plagiarism checker to ensure content originality and a variety of filters for viewing data. Allows importing keyword lists from other SEO tools and provides features like Golden Filter and Auto-clustering to reduce manual work in SEO strategy. Still, new and intermediate users might find it hard to use due to the vast amount of data and filter options. It lacks a heatmap feature for in-depth competitor content analysis and doesn’t have content management and monitoring tools. Basic plan users don’t get access to all core tools, and content writers without SEO knowledge may struggle to use the tool effectively.


WriterZen offers a variety of pricing plans to suit different needs, starting with the “Cluster Only” plan at $19 per month. For more comprehensive features, the “All-In-One” plan is available at $99 per month, which includes unlimited AI writing and plagiarism checks. WriterZen provides a free 15-day trial for new users, allowing them to explore the platform’s capabilities before committing to a paid plan.

Does it offer free trial?

Yes. There are 15 days offered to check if the WriterZen is suitable for you.

Junia AI

Junia AI presents itself as an AI-powered content optimization tool and a great SurferSEO alternative.

Key features 

  1. AI-Powered Content Creation –  Junia AI transforms ideas into comprehensive 6000-word articles with AI-generated images and SEO metadata in minutes.
  2. State-of-the-Art AI Editor – The platform includes an advanced AI editor for crafting articles, essays, and emails.
  3. User-Friendly Interface –  Junia AI is designed to be quick, easy, and customizable for various content creation needs.
  4. Junia AI Suggest –  Retrieves relevant responses for chat and helpdesk tickets.
  5. Content Optimization –  Real-time suggestions to improve SEO performance while maintaining readability and relevance.

Pros and cons 

Junia AI stands out in producing high-quality, original content swiftly, thanks to its advanced natural language processing algorithms. Junia AI, as a Surfer SEO alternative, significantly cuts down the time needed for content creation, and delivers ready-to-use content in minutes. Users can take advantage from real-time SEO content audit features, providing targeted suggestions to boost SEO performance. Junia AI also aids in enriching existing content by proposing new sections or topics, ensuring the content is thorough and authoritative. Its support for multiple languages is a boon for businesses in global markets.

Yet, the complexity of Junia AI’s extensive features might be daunting for beginners. Also, its pricing could be steep for small businesses or individual bloggers, potentially making it less accessible for those on tighter budgets.


Junia AI offers a free plan that includes 5,000 words per month, 50+ content templates, and an AI-powered content editor. For more extensive needs, the Creator plan is priced at $19 per month, offering 20,000 words per month, GPT-4 access, and additional features like AI Document analysis and Brand Voice. The Pro plan, ideal for large-scale content creation, is available at $39 per month, providing 100,000 words per month, 35 blog post workflows, and advanced features like Parasite SEO Integration.

Does it offer free trial?

No, however, there is a free version up to 5,000 words.


Clearscope is another content optimization tool and alternative to Surfer SEO. Perfect for small businesses and entrepreneurs looking for a content editor and more general SEO tool.

Key features 

  1. Content Optimization –  Producing content that’s highly relevant to what people are searching for, enhancing its chances to drive organic traffic.
  2. Google Docs Add-on – Leveraging the collaborative power of Google Docs while keeping track of Clearscope recommendations.
  3. WordPress Plugin  – Offers a plugin to optimize content directly where it’s published, streamlining the content workflow.
  4. Customer Support –  Clearscope is known for its responsive customer support and free training for users.
  5. Easy to Use – Designed for easy integration into existing content creation tools, which simplifies the adoption process.

Pros and cons 

Clearscope excels in crafting content that matches what people are searching for, thereby boosting organic traffic. This surfer SEO alternative integrates smoothly with widely-used platforms like Google Docs and WordPress, which streamlines the content creation and publishing process. Designed for user convenience, Clearscope easily fits into existing workflows. It stands out for its exceptional customer support and offers free training, enhancing user experience.

Compared to other surfer SEO alternatives, Clearscope may have a narrower range of features, focusing primarily on content optimization. Its pricing is on the higher side, which might be challenging for smaller teams or individual users to afford. The lack of a free trial could be a drawback for those who prefer to try out the tool before purchasing a subscription.


Clearscope’s Essentials plan starts at $199 per month, and offers unlimited users, 100 Content Inventory Pages, 30 Keyword Discovery credits, and 15 Content Reports per month. For businesses seeking more advanced functionality, Clearscope offers a custom-priced Business plan with additional features like SAML single sign-on and customized account setup. The Enterprise plan, also custom-priced, is created for large-scale content production, offering unlimited monitored domains and custom data pipelines.

Does it offer free trial?

No, but you can contact the support and request a demo version.

Surfer Seo Alternatives: final words

When looking for a tool like Surfer SEO, there are a few important things to think about. First, how much it costs matters a lot. You want something that fits your budget. It’s also good to find a tool that’s easy to use, especially if you’re just starting out with SEO. Look for features that match what you need, like help with writing content, finding the right keywords, and making sure your website looks good to search engines. Surfer SEO alternatives should offer robust keyword research tools. They should also provide insights into search intent and related target keywords. Also, check if the tool works well with other software you use and if it really helps make your content better. Picking the right tool means finding one that’s not only easy on your wallet but also makes your SEO work a lot easier and more effective.

Alternatives to Surfer SEO often boast user-friendly interfaces, which makes the content creation process more efficient. They do this by improving keyword usage in existing content. A good alternative to Surfer SEO should simplify competitor analysis and keyword analysis, and integrate seamlessly with platforms like Google Docs. The best surfer SEO alternatives enhance the overall SEO content optimization. Additionally, a content editor within these tools can aid in drafting content briefs more effectively.

Your ideal tool might be right in front of you, but to make your choice even quicker, here’s a table with all Surfer SEO alternatives that would help you analyze all the pros and cons:

Tool Pricing Free Trial AvailableRecommendation
FraseSubscription plans begin at $14.99/monthNo free trial, but you can explore the tool with a 5-day trial at $1.Good for AI-driven content optimization and multilingual support
SE RankingPlans starting from $31.20 per monthYes (14-day free trial)Suitable for beginners with a range of SEO features
Marketmuseinitial paid plan at $149/month, Team plan at $399/monthNo, but free plan available (limited to 10 queries)Ideal for in-depth content strategy and analysis
ScalenutEssential plan at $39/monthYes, (7-day free trial)Great for comprehensive SEO and real-time suggestions
OutrankingPrices start at $29/monthNoBest for AI-driven content optimization and workflows
DashwordStartup plan at $99/month and Enterprise plan at $699/monthYes, first three reports for freeUseful for efficient workflow and easy data viewing
Semrush Writing AssistantPro plan at $129.95/month,  Guru plan at $249.95/month and Business plan available at $499.95 per month.No, but a free account allows you to create a single template and link it to Google DocsExcellent for all-in-one digital marketing and SEO
Content HarmonyPrices start at $50/month for 5 projectsTrial available at $10Good for streamlined content marketing efforts
Writer Zen$19/ month, for more comprehensive features, the “All-In-One” plan available at $99/month Yes, 15-days free trialRecommended for comprehensive content strategy
Junia AICreator plan priced at $19/month and Pro plan at $39/month No, but free option available for up to 5,000 wordsBest for advanced AI writing tools and real-time SEO audit
ClearscopePrices start at $199/monthNo, but you can request a demo versionSuitable for content relevance and easy integration


Is Surfer SEO better than Semrush writing assistant?

Surfer SEO and Semrush Writing Assistant both offer content optimization tools, but serve different purposes, which makes them hard to compare directly. Surfer SEO focuses more on in-depth SEO content analysis and optimization, while Semrush Writing Assistant is part of a broader digital marketing suite offering a range of SEO tools. Your choice depends on whether you need specialized content optimization or a comprehensive SEO toolset.

Is SurferSEO any good?

SurferSEO is highly regarded in the SEO community for its detailed content analysis and optimization capabilities. It excels in providing actionable insights for improving content based on current search engine algorithms. Many users find SurferSEO effective for enhancing their website’s search engine rankings and overall content quality.

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